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interfacenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪn.tə.feɪs/ us /ˈɪn.t̬ɚ.feɪs/

a connection between two pieces of electronic equipment, or between a person and a computer:

My computer has a network interface, which allows me to get to other computers.
The new version of the program comes with a much better user interface (= way of showing information to a user) than the original.

a situation, way, or place where two things come together and affect each other:

the interface between technology and tradition
We need a clearer interface between management and the workforce.


uk /ˈɪn.tə.feɪs/ us /ˈɪn.t̬ɚ.feɪs/

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interfacenoun [ C ]

us /ˈɪn·tərˌfeɪs/

the place where two systems come together and have an effect on each other, or a connection between two computers or between a person and a computer:

Amphibians live at the interface of land and sea.
To simplify software, you improve its interface.

interfaceverb [ I/T ]

us /ˈɪnt·ərˌfeɪs/

to communicate or cause someone or something to communicate:

[ I ] Neighborhood groups here interface very well with police.

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"interface" in Business English

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interfacenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪntəfeɪs/ us

IT the way in which information is made available to the user on the screen of a computer, mobile phone, etc.:

A user-friendly shopping interface is essential if you want to encourage customers to buy online.
a user/computer/software interface

the point at which two different systems, activities, etc. have an influence on each other:

interface between sth and sth the interface between business and Government
interface with sth The decision is based on the need to create a more efficient interface with our customers.

IT a connection between two pieces of electronic equipment:

a network interface card/controller


uk /ˈɪntəˌfeɪs/ us

[ I ] if two people, companies, systems, etc. interface, they are in contact and work together with each other:

interface with sb/sth All workers at the airport should be willing to interface with local law-enforcement personnel as and when necessary.

[ I or T ] IT if a computer, mobile phone, etc. interfaces with another system or piece of equipment, or is interfaced with it, it can be connected to or used with it:

interface (sth) with sth Wireless Application Protocols are standards that govern how mobile phones interface with the World Wide Web.

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