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issuenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/ us /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/

issue noun [ C ] (SUBJECT)

B1 a subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about:

As employers we need to be seen to be addressing (= dealing with) these issues sympathetically.
Don't worry about who will do it - that's just a side issue (= not the main problem).
at issue

C2 most important in what is being discussed:

The point at issue is what is best for the child.
make an issue of sth disapproving

to make something seem more important than it should be, or to argue about it:

Of course I'll help you, there's no need to make an issue of it.
take issue with sth C1 formal

to disagree strongly:

I took issue with him over his interpretation of the instructions.
have issues (with sb/sth)

to have difficulty or disagreement with someone or something:

All the people in the study had low self-esteem and had issues with their bodies.
Anna has major issues with her employer.

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issue noun [ C ] (PRODUCT)

B2 a set of newspapers or magazines published at the same time or a single copy of a newspaper or magazine:

There's an article on motorbikes in the latest/next issue.
An old issue of "Homes and Gardens" lay on the table.

An issue of shares is a time when a company gives people the chance to buy part of it or gives extra shares to people who already own some.


issueverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/ us /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ˈɪs.juː/

C2 to produce or provide something official:

The office will be issuing permits on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
The school issued a statement about its plans to the press./The school issued the press with a statement about its plans.

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issuenoun [ C ]

us /ˈɪʃ·u/

issue noun [ C ] (SUBJECT)

a subject or problem that people are thinking and talking about:

There continues to be a great deal of debate over the property tax issue.
Isn’t the need to hire more staff what’s really at issue here (= the subject of the disagreement)?
I like my hair this way – I don’t see why you have to make an issue of it (= cause it to be a problem).

issue noun [ C ] (SUPPLY)

a group or series, or one of a group or series, of things that are supplied, made available, or printed at the same time:

A new issue of postage stamps was released to honor women in the military.
He picked up an old issue of Life magazine.

issueverb [ T ]

us /ˈɪʃ·u/

issue verb [ T ] (SUPPLY)

to give, supply, or produce something official:

Reporters gathered on the White House lawn, hoping that the president would issue a statement.

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uk /ˈɪʃuː/ us

[ C or U ] also issuance FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the offer for sale by a company or organization of financial products such as shares or bonds:

the issue of sth Shareholders approved the issue of 12 million shares of preferred stock.
in issue Total shares in issue are in excess of the those stated in the report.
at/on issue While the shares dipped below the price at issue, some buying support lifted the stock back into positive territory.

[ C ] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET all of a particular type of shares, bonds, etc. that are offered for sale together:

Since it is the largest issue and the market is witnessing poor performance, investors might not get value.
We launched an exchange offer to buy back existing bonds in return for a new issue.

[ C ] a group or series, or one of a group or series, of things that are made available, published, or printed at the same time:

an issue of a journal/magazine/newspaper The latest issue of the journal features interviews with twelve great business leaders.
today's/this month's/Saturday's/etc. issue
Issue number one of the comic book sold for $1.2 million at auction.

[ C or U ] MONEY the act of making available coins, currency, or stamps by a government, or the items themselves:

Issue of a new ten rupee coin replaced a note of a similar denomination already in circulation.
We expect the release of two commemorative coin issues by the United States Mint.

[ C ] a subject or problem that people think or talk about, or need to deal with:

address/tackle/resolve an issue The service offers confidential help to filers who cannot resolve an issue through normal channels.
consider/discuss an issue
a central/core/key issue
a major/minor issue
a critical/serious issue Health care could become a critical issue in political debate.
a complex/controversial/sensitive issue

[ C ] LAW a question that people still disagree about after all sides have argued for their clients in court:

Pleadings, depositions, and admissions on file show that there is no genuine issue.
be at issue formal

to be the most important part of what is being discussed:

The point at issue is what is best for the firm.
take issue with sth formal

to disagree strongly with someone:

take issue with sb over sth I took issue with him over his interpretation of the instructions.

issueverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪʃuː/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to offer for sale financial products such as shares or bonds:

The notes are being issued to fund public infrastructure improvements.
About $8.8 billion of debt was issued to pay dividends.

to officially publish or announce something:

issue a report/statement/warning A competitor issued a statement calling its bid superior to the one that had been accepted.
issue an apology/a notice/an order
The city issued a certificate of occupancy for the new building.

LAW to start a legal process:

issue a warrant/writ The judge issued a writ of possession, an order that allowed the bank to take possession of the collateral.

to give someone something, especially officially:

issue sth to sb/sth Officials issued new passports to refugees at the consulate.
issue sb with sth Employees who are off sick for more than seven days will be issued with notes.

MONEY to make or release new coins, currency, or stamps:

The regime in December issued new currency and wiped out private savings.

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I agree that this is the right approach, but the question is extremely complicated, because the whole issue has to be looked at in different ways.
In our view, breast implants are therefore an issue, important though it is, that is better dealt with at national level.
The issue is not about keeping people out, but making sure that, having come in, they are treated with the dignity they deserve.
The different priority sectors mentioned also show an innovative approach to institutional development; the security issue, in particular, has indeed become one of the new political concerns.
The third issue is cross-compliance.
I refer to the issue of the relationship of artists to those who play the most important part in transmitting their artistic performances, that is, the radio and television stations.
The first is the issue of trade policy being used as a strategic tool within external relations, particularly where development policy is concerned.
Our worries related, first of all, to the conditions of issue of the passports and the time limit for dispatching them.
I would also like to focus on the one specific issue previous speakers have already addressed, which is the question of parliamentary assistants.
As was to be expected, the issue of coexistence has surfaced as the key issue at second reading of both proposals.

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