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itemnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈaɪ.təm/ us /ˈaɪ.t̬əm/

B1 something that is part of a list or group of things:

the last item on the list
The restaurant has a long menu of about 50 items.
Several items of clothing (= clothes) lay on the floor.

one of several subjects to be considered:

There are three items on the agenda.

B2 a piece of news on television or radio, or in a newspaper:

There's an interesting item on the back page.
item by item

one thing at a time:

Buyers from stores are given the opportunity to go through fashion collections item by item and place orders.

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itemnoun [ C ]

us /ˈɑɪ·t̬əm/

one thing that is a part of a list or a collection of things:

There were several more items on the agenda.

An item is also a particular thing considered as one among others of its type:

a news item in this morning’s newspaper
basic food items such as butter

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itemnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈaɪtəm/ us

COMMERCE a single object, especially one that is for sale or is bought:

The business sells items made from recycled waste products.
food/household/fashion item Supermarkets offer a wide range of food and household items.
commodity/consumer item Manufacturing commodity items is increasingly competitive.
item of equipment/clothing/furniture
Radios with wooden cabinets have become collector's items.
individual/particular/specific item Sometimes customers who like a particular item of clothing will ask for it at more than one branch of the same store.

MEETINGS one of several points on an official list of things to be discussed at a meeting:

Please let me have any items for the agenda by 4 pm today.
Although fixed agenda items had been agreed at the last round of talks, members obviously had their own objectives.
an item on the agenda Item 2 on the agenda is the Treasurer's report.

one of several things to be considered, to do, or to choose from:

an item on the/sb's agenda The main item on my agenda for today is writing my month-end reports.
menu/list item The program allows the user to remove or add menu items.
The website has links to all the day's main news items.

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