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"jar" in British English

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jarnoun [ C ]

uk /dʒɑːr/ us /dʒɑːr/

jar noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

B1 a glass or clay container with a wide opening at the top and sometimes a fitted lid, usually used for storing food:

a jam jar

UK informal a drink of beer:

We often have a jar or two at the pub after work.

More examples

  • Would you put the jar back into the cupboard for me, please?
  • Can you get the lid off this jar?
  • I keep pennies and other small coins in a jar.
  • Screw the lid firmly on to the jar and shake well.
  • Turn the jar upside down and shake it.


uk /dʒɑːr/ us /dʒɑːr/ -rr-

Phrasal verb(s)

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"jar" in American English

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jarnoun [ C ]

us /dʒɑr/

jar noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

a cylindrical container, usually made of glass, with a wide top opening, and used esp. for storing food, or the amount held by such a container:

He poured half the jar into his cup.


us /dʒɑr/

jar verb (SHAKE)

[ T ] -rr- to give a sudden shake to someone or something:

He kind of jars people when he tackles them.

[ T ] -rr- If a noise jars you, it shocks you:

The train’s rumbling jarred them out of their sleep.

jar verb (CAUSE ACTION)

[ I/T ] to cause action or activity, or to have an effect:

[ T ] He was jarred into political action by events on the national scene.

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