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"lash" in British English

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uk /læʃ/ us /læʃ/


uk /læʃ/ us /læʃ/

lash noun (HAIR)

lash noun (HIT)

[ C or S ] a thin strip of leather at the end of a whip, or a hit with this, especially as a form of punishment:

He received 30 lashes for the crime.
The punishment for disobedience was the lash.
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[ C ] a sudden, violent movement of something that can bend:

With a powerful lash of its tail, the fish jumped out of the net and back into the river.

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"lash" in American English

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us /læʃ/

lash verb (HIT)

[ I/T ] to hit someone or something with a lot of force, esp. using a stick or leather strip, or to move forcefully against something:

[ T ] The men lashed their horses into a run.
[ I ] Ice storms lashed across the state.

lash verb (TIE)

[ T always + adv/prep ] to tie or fasten together tightly and firmly:

Lash the boat to the rail.

lashnoun [ C ]

us /læʃ/

lash noun [ C ] (HAIR)

an eyelash:

She has enormous wide-set eyes with thick lashes.

lash noun [ C ] (HIT)

a thin strip of leather, or the act of hitting someone with such a strip

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