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"leap" in British English

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leapverb [ I + adv/prep ]

uk /liːp/ us /liːp/ leaped or leapt, leaped or leapt

leap verb [ I + adv/prep ] (MOVE SUDDENLY)

C2 to make a large jump or sudden movement, usually from one place to another:

He leaped out of his car and ran towards the house.
I leaped up to answer the phone.
The dog leaped over the gate into the field.

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leapnoun [ C ]

uk /liːp/ us /liːp/

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"leap" in American English

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leapverb [ I/T ]

us /lip/ past tense and past participle leaped /lipt, lept/ leapt /lept/

to make a large jump or sudden movement, or to jump over something:

[ I ] He leaps to his feet when the phone rings.
[ I ] Flames were leaping into the sky.
[ T ] The dog leaped the fence.
[ I ] fig. Americans want change, but they don’t want to leap into the unknown (= move quickly into unknown situations).

If your heart leaps, you have a sudden, strong feeling of pleasure or fear:

[ I ] My heart leaps when I hear his voice.

leapnoun [ C ]

us /lip/

a large jump

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"leap" in Business English

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leapverb [ I ]

uk /liːp/ us leapt or leaped /lept/ , leapt or leaped /lept/

to increase, improve, or grow very quickly:

exports/prices/profits leap Property prices have leapt over 30% in the past year.
leap (to sth) The company's shares leapt 17.5p to 210p.

leapnoun [ C ]

uk /liːp/ us

a big change, increase, or improvement:

a leap in costs/profits/sales The software designer should report a near 40% leap in profits to around £124m.
a leap forward for sb/sth This launch represents a great leap forward for the company.
a 20%/40%/75%, etc. leap The health insurance giant reported a 20% leap in pre-tax profits for the year.
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