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UK US license uk /ˈlaɪ.səns/ us /ˈlaɪ.səns/

A2 [ C ] an official document that gives you permission to own, do, or use something, usually after you have paid money and/or taken a test:

a dog licence
a driving licence (US driver's license)
a TV licence

[ S or U ] formal permission or freedom to do what you want:

As parents, they allowed their children very little licence.
[ + to infinitive ] He was given licence to reform the organization.
artistic/poetic licence

the freedom of artists, writers, etc. to change the facts of the real world when producing art

under licence

with special permission from the person or company who has created a product:

It's a German product, made under licence in British factories.

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uk /ˈlaɪsəns/ us UK US license

[ C ] LAW, GOVERNMENT an official document from the government, court, etc. that gives you permission to do, have, or own something:

a driving/driver's/pilot's licence The bank will insist you produce a driving licence or passport as a form of ID.
a business/operating licence
a gun/firearms licence
If there is any delay, the licence holder can be fined.
grant/issue a licence The council granted a licence that allowed the premises to stay open until 3 am.
have/hold/get a licence
own/apply for/renew a licence
refuse/suspend/take away a licence
a licence expires/runs out

[ C ] LAW, COMMERCE, IT permission given by a company to produce or use something that they have created or that belongs to them:

licence for sth A licence for PC network use costs £900.
licence to do sth a licence to publish the book throughout the world

[ U ] permission or freedom to do what you want:

licence to do sth
He thought his position allowed him licence to be rude.
licence to print money usually disapproving

a situation in which a person or organization is given the permission or opportunity to become very rich without much effort:

Healthcare should not be seen as a licence to print money for the private sector.
under licence

LAW, COMMERCE with permission from the person or company who has created a product:

It can appoint a foreign company to manufacture its product under licence.

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