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linknoun [ C ]

uk /lɪŋk/ us /lɪŋk/

link noun [ C ] (CONNECTION)

B2 a connection between two people, things, or ideas:

There's a direct link between diet and heart disease.
Their links with Mexico are still strong.
diplomatic links between the two countries

B1 a connection between documents on the internet:

Click on this link to visit our online bookstore.

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linkverb [ T ]

uk /lɪŋk/ us /lɪŋk/

B2 to make a connection between two or more people, things, or ideas:

The explosions are not thought to be linked in any way.
The use of CFCs has been linked to the depletion of the ozone layer.

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linknoun [ C ]

us /lɪŋk/

link noun [ C ] (CONNECTION)

a connection between two things:

There is a clear link between poverty and malnutrition.
A high-speed rail link brings you to the airport.

link noun [ C ] (CHAIN)

one of the rings in a chain

link noun [ C ] (WORD)

a word or image on a website that can take you to another document or website

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linknoun [ C ]

uk /lɪŋk/ us

TRANSPORT, COMMUNICATIONS a way of travelling or communicating between two places or systems:

a bus/rail/road link
link between sth (and sth) There are plans to upgrade the road links between the two countries.
a phone/video link
Interviews can be carried out by video link.
This device creates a link between computers, enabling you to share files, no matter what their size.

[ usually plural ] a relationship between two or more people, countries, companies, etc.:

link with sb/sth Their links with Britain are still strong.
build/establish/strengthen links We need to strengthen our links with colleges doing similar work to ours.

a connection between two or more facts, events, etc.:

link between sth (and sth) The key thing here is the link between consumer confidence and spending on non-essentials.
direct/clear/strong link There is a direct link between the value of the used car and new car prices for the same model.
clear/close/strong link Historical data show the clear link between income tax rates and the size of domestic government spending.

INTERNET, IT a word or image in an electronic document or on a website that you can click on to take you to another part of the document, another document, or another website:

Read this tutorial for web developers in order to find out how to add a link to another website.
Click on this link to visit our online bookstore.


uk /lɪŋk/ us

[ T ] to connect two or more places, people, or things:

link sth to/with sth This corridor links the new offices to the main building.
a new motorway in Ireland, linking Dublin with Galway
All our workstations are linked together with each other.

[ T ] to make or show a connection between two or more people, things, or ideas:

link sth to/with sth The objective is to link the strategy of the corporation with the reality of its business.
be linked to sth Asbestos-related diseases are generally linked to sustained exposure over many years.
Her name is being linked to one of the top jobs in the company.

[ T, usually passive ] FINANCE if the value of money, investments, payments, etc. is linked to something else, it will change when that thing changes:

linked to sth Over a long period, investments linked to stock markets are likely to give the best returns.
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[ I or T ] INTERNET, IT to make a connection between websites on the internet, or from part of one website to another:

Anyone who has a website can link theirs to another site.
Does this website link to other client sites the company has designed?

[ I ] INTERNET, IT to follow a link to go to another website or part of a website on the internet:

Click here to link to our customer service website.

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