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log in

also log on
phrasal verb with log uk /lɒɡ/ us verb [ T ] -gg-

[ I or T ] IT, INTERNET to connect to a computer system by putting in a particular set of letters or numbers:

What is the user name and password that you use to log on?
If you are already a registered user, please log in.
log in/on to sth Find out more about our products by logging on to our website.
log in/on to do sth It has 1.7 million registered customers who log in to play games and socialize.
log sb in/on Your network administrator will log you in the first time you use the system.
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log-innoun [ C ]

also log-on, login, logon uk us IT, INTERNET

the set of letters and numbers that you write on a computer screen in order to connect to a computer system:

If you're worried about other people accessing your information, you can make it a private log-in.
The site helps users keep track of their various logons.
login data/information Do not share your log-in information with anyone.

the process of using a log-in to connect to a computer system:

To help speed up log-in have your username and password ready.

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