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"mail" in British English

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uk /meɪl/ us /meɪl/


A2 [ S or U ] UK also post the letters, etc. that are sent to or from people, or the system for sending letters, etc. from place to place:

She spent the morning reading and answering her mail.
All of our customers will be contacted by mail.
The book came in yesterday's mail.
Some strange things get sent through the mail.

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mail noun (COVERING)

[ U ] →  chain mail

mailverb [ T ]

uk /meɪl/ us /meɪl/ mainly US UK usually post


uk /meɪl/ us /meɪl/

in the UK, used in the name of some newspapers:

the Daily Mail
the Hull Mail

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"mail" in American English

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mailnoun [ U ]

us /meɪl/

the letters and packages that are transported and delivered to your home or the place you work, esp. those delivered by the government’s system:

She spent the morning reading and answering mail.
The mail is usually delivered before noon.

mailverb [ T ]

us /meɪl/

to send esp. letters or packages by the mail system:

She mailed the letter last week but it still hasn’t arrived.

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"mail" in Business English

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uk /meɪl/ us

[ U or S ] UK also post COMMUNICATIONS a system for sending letters and packages from place to place:

Individuals using the mail to commit fraud are brought up on federal charges.
in/through the mail The cheque is in the mail.
by mail I could deliver it to you next week, or send it by mail today.

[ U or S ] UK also post COMMUNICATIONS the letters and packages which are sent by post:

deliver/forward/send (sb) mail Please tell the post office to forward all mail to our new address.
get/receive mail We prefer to receive mail at our home office rather than in our stores.
check/open/read your mail If you check your mail on the way out, you can deposit any cheques you find in it.
deal with/handle the mail
incoming/outgoing mail Outgoing mail should be marked with your department's code.
express/first-class/second-class mail The cost of first-class mail will rise next year.


You have mail.
check/reply to/read your mail
mail message/client/server You need the address of your mail server before you can set up an account.

used in the name of some newspapers:

The Daily Mail
The Hull Mail

mailverb [ T ]

uk /meɪl/ us

UK also post COMMUNICATIONS to send a letter or parcel:

mail sb sth I've mailed you your invitation to the opening.
mail sth to sb Mail your completed application to human resources.
We mailed it from Perth to Brisbane and it arrived in a day.

mainly UK COMMUNICATIONS, IT →  email verb :

I mailed them using the link on their website.
mail sth to sb Can't you just mail it to me as an attachment?

Phrasal verb(s)

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