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uk /ˈmeɪkɪŋ/ us

[ S ] the process of doing or producing something:

We recommend the making of a back-up copy to prevent you losing any work.
A number of pre-conditions have to be fulfilled prior to the making of any offer.
in the making

if something is a particular length of time in the making, it takes that long to do or achieve it:

The current crisis has been in the making for several years, and it has taken far too long for regulators to act.
be of sb's own making

if a problem or difficult situation is of someone's own making, they are responsible for it:

Some of the troubles facing the company are clearly of its own making.
be the making of sb

to give someone the qualities or experience they need in order to succeed:

His spell working at a restaurant in Paris was the making of him as a chef.
have (all) the makings of

to have the qualities necessary to do or achieve something difficult :

We think she has all the makings of a very good CEO.

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