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uk /ˈmæn.də.tər.i/ us /ˈmæn.də.tɔːr.i/ formal

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mandatoryadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈmæn·dəˌtɔr·i, -ˌtoʊr·i/

made necessary, usually by law or by some other rule:

The test includes a mandatory essay question.

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uk /ˈmændətəri/ us /ˈmændəˌtɔri/

used to describe something that must be done, usually because the law states that it is necessary:

mandatory for sb to do sth They would make it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance.
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Where the mandatory storage of data is concerned, the rights of national legislators are insufficiently restricted and their duties are inadequately defined.
Mandatory quarterly reporting would have been extremely damaging and costly and would not have yielded real benefits in terms of transparency for investors.
In order that accidents can be prevented in advance as effectively as possible, we need an advance notification obligation for vessels and mandatory inspections of high-risk vessels.
The common position includes mandatory labelling, but states also that these substances could be exempted in the future, should scientific evidence provide justification for such action.
We of course want the compensatory payments to be arranged on a mandatory basis, with unambiguous criteria, and so we have no great problems in that regard.
Quite clearly, risk prevention measures must be stepped up by improving vessel design and construction standards, one such measure being mandatory double hulls.
If we want to settle this issue, we must move towards a universal fee system, which will be mandatory and not linked to the act of waste treatment.
Well, equally harsh mandatory measures must be taken against employers who refuse to employ disabled people or who do not adapt the workplace as necessary.
I would draw your attention to an amendment which aims to secure surety from governments to render the use of technical-nautical services, in particular, mandatory.
Finally, there is local consultation, which is needed, but should not be mandatory and it should not be a vehicle for delay.