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uk /ˈmiː.di.əm/ us /ˈmiː.di.əm/

medium adjective (MIDDLE)

B1 being in the middle between an upper and lower amount, size, degree, or value:

a girl of medium height
a medium-sized book

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mediumnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmiː.di.əm/ us /ˈmiː.di.əm/

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mediumadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈmid·i·əm/

medium adjective [ not gradable ] (AVERAGE)

being in the middle between an upper and lower amount, size, or degree; average:

He was a man of medium height.
The shirt is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Medium also refers to a way of cooking meat or fish so that it is cooked in the middle:

Would you like your steak rare, medium, or well-done?

medium noun [ C ] (METHOD)

us /ˈmid·i·əm/ plural mediums or media /ˈmid·i·ə/ a method or way of expressing something:

the broadcasting/print medium

art us /ˈmid·i·əm/ plural mediums or media /ˈmid·i·ə/ The medium that an artist works in is the materials or method used to create things:

The work of art was done in mixed media (= using different substances), and included wood shavings, pieces of metal, glue, and oil paint.

medium noun [ C ] (MATERIAL/SUBSTANCE)

physics /ˈmid·i·əm/ the material through which a wave or other force travels

medium noun [ C ] (PERSON)

us /ˈmid·i·əm/ plural mediums a person who claims to receive messages from people who are dead

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uk /ˈmiːdiəm/ us

[ C ] plural media or mediums COMMUNICATIONS a method of communication or entertainment, for example television, radio, or the internet:

a medium of sth Interactive TV opens up the medium of television to the participation of individuals.
a medium for sth The internet is a growing medium for uncensored information and discussion.
Typically cinema is the chosen medium for visualizing the future.
advertising/communications/marketing medium Many businesses are finding Web video an attractive marketing medium.
digital/interactive/storage media The government has identified digital media as a key opportunity.

[ C ] plural media or mediums something that is used as a way of creating or expressing something else:

a medium for sth Products are the medium for communication between corporations and the market.
a medium of sth Body language is often consciously used as a medium of expressing thoughts and feelings.
through the medium of sth They advertise through the medium of direct mail.

[ C, usually singular ] COMMERCE a size of clothes that is between small and large:

Could I try on a medium, please?

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uk /ˈmiːdiəm/ us

used to describe something that is between small and large in size:

Production of existing small and medium cars will continue at the plant.

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