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uk /məʊd/ us /moʊd/

mode noun (FASHION)

be the mode formal

(especially of clothes) to be fashionable at a particular time:

Miniskirts were very much the mode in the 60s.
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modenoun [ C ]

us /moʊd/

mode noun [ C ] (WAY)

a way of operating, living, or behaving:

Good teachers get their students into a learning mode.
Each department has its own mode of operation.

mode noun [ C ] (MUSIC)

music an arrangement of half steps and whole steps (= differences in sound) in an octave (= series of eight notes)

mode noun [ C ] (NUMBER)

mathematics the number or value that appears the most often in a particular set of numbers or values

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"mode" in Business English

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uk /məʊd/ us

[ C ] a way of doing something:

mode of transportation/locomotion/production The bicycle is still a crucial mode of transportation within Beijing.
Fax was our main mode of communication until email came along.

[ C or U ] one of several ways that a machine or device operates:

Do you leave your computer in standby mode overnight?
New electro-hydraulic brakes include the usual automatic and manual modes.

[ U ] a person's or organization's condition or way of behaving at a particular time, because of the situation they are in:

in emergency/crisis mode When you are managing a business in crisis mode, you have to take tough decisions.
in attack/defensive mode If stakeholders are seen as adversaries, this puts the organization in defensive mode.

[ S ] the number or value which appears most often in a particular set:

The survey results are based on calculation of the mode for each question.

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