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modelnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmɒd.əl/ us /ˈmɑː.dəl/

model noun [ C ] (COPY)

C2 something that a copy can be based on because it is an extremely good example of its type:

The educational system was a model for those of many other countries.
The developer plans to build a model community on the site.
They created an education system on the European model.
Even Chris, the very model of calmness (= someone who is usually extremely calm), was angered by having to work such long hours.
She really is a model (= perfect) student.

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model noun [ C ] (PERSON)

B1 a person who wears clothes so that they can be photographed or shown to possible buyers, or a person who is employed to be photographed or painted:

a fashion/nude model
She's going out with a male model.
I worked as an artist's model when I was a college student.
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model noun [ C ] (MACHINE)

A2 a particular type of machine, especially a car, that is slightly different from machines of the same type:

a luxury/new model
the latest model

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model noun [ C ] (REPRESENTATION)

A2 something that represents another thing, either as a physical object that is usually smaller than the real object, or as a simple description that can be used in calculations:

By looking at this model you can get a better idea of how the bridge will look.
No computer model of the economy can predict when the next recession will be.


uk /ˈmɒd.əl/ us /ˈmɑː.dəl/ -ll- or US usually -l-

model verb (MAKE A MODEL)

[ T ] to make a model of something:

to model animals out of clay
to model clay into animal shapes
The whole car can be modelled on a computer before a single component is made.

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modelnoun [ C ]

us /ˈmɑd·əl/

model noun [ C ] (REPRESENTATION)

something built or drawn esp. to show how something much larger would look:

The architect showed us a model of the planned hotel.

A model is also a representation of something in words or numbers that can be used to tell what is likely to happen if particular facts are considered as true:

model noun [ C ] (GOOD EXAMPLE)

someone or something that is an extremely good example of its type, esp. when a copy can be based on it:

She was a model of loyalty and stuck by him even after he went to jail.

model noun [ C ] (PERSON)

a person employed to wear esp. new, fashionable clothes to show how the clothes look and to make them look attractive:

Models paraded down the ramp to show off the latest fashions of Paris and New York.

A model is also a person employed to show his or her body to be drawn or photographed by those studying the human form.

model noun [ C ] (MACHINE)

a particular type of device or machine that is different in quality, style, or some other feature from others that have the same use:

This car comes in a two-door and a four-door model.
We were shown large and small models of air conditioners.

modelverb [ T ]

us /ˈmɑd·əl/

model verb [ T ] (REPRESENTATION)

to form something from a plastic substance such as clay, or to use a plastic substance to make a form of something:

to model a face
She modeled the clay into a sculpture.

model verb [ T ] (GOOD EXAMPLE)

to create something by basing its form or appearance on something else:

The state building was modeled on the US Capitol in Washington, D.C.

model verb [ T ] (WEARING CLOTHES)

to wear new, fashionable clothes to show how the clothes look and to make them look attractive, esp. at a fashion show (= a special occasion for people to see new clothes) or for photographs in a magazine, newspaper, etc.:

She will be modeling the new line of spring coats.

modeladjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈmɑd·əl/

model adjective [ not gradable ] (GOOD EXAMPLE)

being someone or something that is an extremely good example of its type, exp. when the person or thing can be copied:

They were model parents and were loved by the whole community.

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"model" in Business English

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modelnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmɒdəl/ us

a particular type of machine, which is slightly different from machines of the same type:

When renewing insurance, please tell us the make and model of your car.
basic/popular/standard model In the US the basic model sells for $499 before tax.
cheaper/luxury model A luxury model has a mahogany frame and is upholstered in calfskin.
the current/latest/new model Speed and reliability of its latest model of high-speed train have improved.
discontinued/old/previous model Once a new phone hits the shelves, interest in the old model will drop sharply.
design/develop/make a model We designed a new model that uses less electricity.
produce/release a model This model was produced to meet a rising demand for the new features.

something such as an object, plan, or set of rules that is used to show what something else is like or how it works:

a scale/working model Retailers expect to have a working model and retail pricing information by summer.
economic/financial/mathematical model No economic model can forecast growth in jobs in industries that are just being created.
statistical/strategic model The charts shows a predicted oil price that is calculated using a statistical model.

a way of doing something that can be used as an example or can be copied:

He prefers the American approach to wealth creation over the European model.
a model for/of sth The company continues to be a growth leader and a model of operating efficiency.
The software company's strategy has served as a model for many small startups.

modelverb [ T often passive ]

uk /ˈmɒdəl/ us UK -ll-, US -l-

to copy or create something based on something else:

model sth on sth The American effort is modeled on a successful Dutch system.

to create something such as an object or plan that shows what something else is like or how it works:

The new process has to be modelled and tested.

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