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"mount" in British English

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uk /maʊnt/ us /maʊnt/

mount verb (FIX)

C2 [ T ] to fix something to a wall, in a frame, etc., so that it can be looked at or used:

The children's work has been mounted on coloured paper and put up on the walls of the classroom.
The surveillance camera is mounted above the main door.

Phrasal verb(s)

mountnoun [ C ]

uk /maʊnt/ us /maʊnt/


uk /maʊnt/ us /maʊnt/ written abbreviation Mt

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"mount" in American English

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us /mɑʊnt/

mount verb (GET ONTO)

[ I/T ] to get onto something:

[ T ] The winners mounted the podium.
[ I ] When the horses were saddled we mounted up and rode away.

mount verb (GO UP)

[ T ] to go up something:

Reaching the porch, he mounted the steps.

mount verb (INCREASE)

[ I ] to increase, rise, or get bigger:

Excitement mounted as the racers neared the finish.
Watch what you eat, because those calories really mount up.

mount verb (ORGANIZE)

[ T ] to prepare and produce; to organize:

He has the support needed to mount a successful campaign.

mount verb (ATTACH)

[ T ] to attach something to something else so that it can be seen:

Don’s planning to mount these photographs.

Mountnoun [ U ]

us /mɑʊnt/ abbreviation Mt.

(used esp. as part of the name of a place) a high hill or mountain:

Mount Saint Helens
Mt. Fuji

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"mount" in Business English

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mountverb [ I ]

uk /maʊnt/ us

to gradually increase, rise, or get bigger:

The pressure is mounting on the policy makers to reach a decision.

Phrasal verb(s)

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