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uk /ˈnæʃ.ən.əl/ /ˈnæʃ.nəl/ us /ˈnæʃ.ən.əl/ /ˈnæʃ.nəl/

A2 relating to or typical of a whole country and its people, rather than to part of that country or to other countries:

a national holiday
Britain has more than ten national newspapers.
The company's national headquarters is in Rome.
The government's view is that raising taxes now would not be in the national interest (= would not be good for the country).

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nationalnoun [ C usually plural ]

uk /ˈnæʃ.ən.əl/ /ˈnæʃ.nəl/ us /ˈnæʃ.ən.əl/ /ˈnæʃ.nəl/

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nationaladjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈnæʃ·ə·nəl/

relating to all parts of a nation or to a nation as a whole rather than to any part of it:

National headquarters of the company are in Atlanta, with branches throughout the country.
National news goes on the front page of the newspaper, with local news in the second section.
adverb us /ˈnæʃ·ə·nəl·i/

The football game, to be nationally televised, will begin at 9.

nationalnoun [ C usually pl ]

us /ˈnæʃ·ə·nəl/

a citizen of a particular country:

Irish/Mexican nationals
a foreign national

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uk /ˈnæʃənəl/ us

relating to countries or to one particular country:

Unemployment in the city is significantly higher than the national average.
at a/the national level The problem needs to be addressed both at a national and international level.
a national campaign/competition/championship
the national government/airline/anthem

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