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nichenoun [ C ]

us /nɪtʃ/

niche noun [ C ] (POSITION)

a job, position, or place that is very suitable for someone:

She’s never quite found her niche on television.

biology A niche is also an organism's specific position or purpose within the group of organisms with which it lives

niche noun [ C ] (HOLLOW)

a hollow made in a wall, esp. one designed to put a statue in so that it can be seen

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"niche" in Business English

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nichenoun [ C ]

uk /niːʃ/ us /nɪtʃ/

MARKETING, COMMERCE an opportunity for a business to offer a product or service that is not offered by other businesses:

a niche in sth There is a niche in the market for this kind of product.
create/carve a niche The company has carved a niche for itself in the watch-making business.
look for/find a niche They found a niche by selling their line of leather goods through small boutiques that could offer personalized service.
exploit/expand a niche

HR a job or position that is suitable for a particular type of person:

High-quality web development has generated lots of new niche roles in organizations.
a niche job/position

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While small collecting societies fear that these platforms leave no room for niche repertoire, we now have to make sure that they do.
Dual-use items are not niche goods.
We want to treat niche vehicles and small series separately and the only point which is still under discussion is the size of fines.
With a much more effective patent on dyeing and more mechanisms for managing productivity, it has become competitive in a very precise niche.
Each of us, whatever our gender, should be given an opportunity to find our niche and live our lives as we see fit.