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objectivenoun [ C ]

uk /əbˈdʒek.tɪv/ us /əbˈdʒek.tɪv/

B2 something that you plan to do or achieve:

Her main/prime objective now is simply to stay in power.
Can the sales team achieve/meet its financial objectives?

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uk /əbˈdʒek.tɪv/ us /əbˈdʒek.tɪv/
adverb uk /əbˈdʒek.tɪ us /əbˈdʒek.tɪ


Judges must weigh the evidence logically and objectively.
noun [ U ] uk /ˌɒb.dʒekˈtɪv.ə.ti/ us /ˌɑːb.dʒekˈtɪv.ə.t̬i/

Surely true objectivity in a critic is impossible?

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us /əbˈdʒek·tɪv, ɑb-/

objective adjective (FAIR OR REAL)

not influenced by personal beliefs or feelings; fair or real:

an objective opinion

objective adjective (GRAMMAR)

grammar [ not gradable ] having or relating to the case (= form) of a noun, pronoun, or adjective used to show that a word is the object of a verb

objectivenoun [ C ]

us /əbˈdʒek·tɪv, ɑb-/

objective noun [ C ] (AIM)

something that you aim to do or achieve:

long-term objectives
His main objective this semester is to improve his grades.

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"objective" in Business English

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objectivenoun [ C ]

uk /əbˈdʒektɪv/ us

something that you are planning to do or achieve:

agree/establish/set objectives Management must set clear objectives that everyone subscribes to.
achieve/meet/reach your objectives Investing globally enhances the fund's ability to meet its primary objective.
key/main/primary/principal objective The primary investment objective of the account is to maximize after-tax returns.
long-term/short-term objective The company failed to meet its short-term objective of expanding into Asia.


uk /əbˈdʒektɪv/ us

not influenced by personal feelings or beliefs:

be objective about sth One of the biggest problems in a celebrity case is being able to select jurors who can be objective about it.
objective criteria/evidence/opinion Analysts produced objective evidence that the world was heading for a global recession.
an objective account/assessment/report

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He must make sure that from now on that a central objective is to help the internal market to move forward.
The objective must be to establish one single payment area, where cross-border payments are subject to the same conditions and accompanied by the same costs as domestic transactions.
Behind the regulations was a political objective of ensuring growth, employment and competitiveness and of giving everyone access to the information society while ensuring adequate legal protection.
Consistency must be our primary objective.
Given the growing awareness that money is the main objective and driving force behind organised crime, appropriate measures also need to be taken which target the profits from organised crime.
However, in all the proposed measures, we must not fail to recognise that one objective has not been addressed here, namely taking into account the distribution of the refugee burden.
We are talking about an objective responsibility and therefore the burden of proof imposed on the victim must be made as light as possible.
We therefore need broad cooperation which aims to guarantee the sharing of responsibility among all those countries which currently have a similar security and defence culture and objective.
Information on the dangers of smoking will need to be conveyed in a more effective way if we want to achieve the objective.
The objective is admirable, but we must avoid certain errors and must, therefore, discuss the matter very thoroughly with the national authorities.