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observeverb [ T ]

uk /əbˈzɜːv/ us /əbˈzɝːv/

observe verb [ T ] (WATCH)

B2 formal to watch carefully the way something happens or the way someone does something, especially in order to learn more about it:

The role of scientists is to observe and describe the world, not to try to control it.
Children learn by observing adults.

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observe verb [ T ] (NOTICE)

C1 formal to notice or see:

Jack observed a look of anxiety on his brother's face.
[ + that ] In all these films one observes that directors are taking a new interest in Native American culture.
[ + infinitive without to ] A teacher observed her climb over the gate.

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observe verb [ T ] (SAY)

formal to make a remark about something:

[ + speech ] "I've always found German cars very reliable," he observed.
[ + that ] She observed that it would soon be time to stop for lunch.

observe verb [ T ] (OBEY)

C2 formal to obey a law, rule, or custom:

People must observe the law. Nobody should be an exception.
The old people in the village still observe the local traditions.
Do you observe Passover?
adjective uk /əbˈzɜː.və.bəl/ us /əbˈzɝː.və.bəl/

There's no observable connection between the two events.
adverb uk /əbˈzɜː.və.bli/ us /əbˈzɝː.və.bli/

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us /əbˈzɜrv/

observe verb (WATCH)

[ T ] to watch something or someone carefully:

She spent her career observing animal behavior.
[ + question word ] On their field trip, the students observed how a newspaper was put together.

observe verb (NOTICE)

[ T ] to notice something or someone:

[ T ] Jack observed a look of panic on his brother’s face.

observe verb (EXAMINE)

science [ T ] to study and record information about a scientific event

observe verb (REMARK)

[ I ] to remark about something:

"It’s raining again," he observed.

observe verb (OBEY)

[ T ] to obey a law or rule, or celebrate a holiday or religious event in a traditional way:

You must observe the law.

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