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US offense uk /əˈfens/ us /əˈfens/

offence noun (CRIME)

B2 [ C ] an illegal act; a crime:

a serious/minor offence
Driving without a licence is an offence.
He committed several serious offences.
It's the third time that he's been convicted of a drug offence.

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offence noun (UPSET FEELINGS)

B2 [ U ] upset and hurt or annoyed feelings, often because someone has been rude or shown no respect:

I really didn't mean (to cause/give) any offence (= did not intend to upset anyone) - I was just stating my opinion.
Do you think he took offence (= was upset) at what I said about his hair?
no offence (intended)

used when you say something that might upset or annoy someone :

No offence, but I find your sister a little rude.
If you don't mind, I'd rather go on my own - no offence intended, but I think it would be better.

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UK US offense uk /əˈfens/ us

[ C ] LAW an illegal act or crime:

It is a criminal offence to mislead customers about the price of an item.
a serious/major/minor offence
be/become an offence It became an offence for British citizens to offer bribes for business contracts anywhere in the world.
commit an offence In practising as a solicitor without being duly qualified, he committed an offence.
be accused of/found guilty of/convicted of an offence She was convicted of drug offences.

[ U ] feelings of being upset and angry, often because someone has been rude:

This advertisement may cause offence in some markets.
She took offence at the way the assistant spoke to her.
a sackable/sacking offence UK US a firing offense

HR a wrong action that you can lose your job for:

Drinking alcohol while on duty is a sackable offence.

(Definition of “offence” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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