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us /ˈɔ·fən, ˈɔf·tən/ us /ˈɑf·ən, ˈɑf·tən/

a lot or many times; frequently:

She was often late for class.
I don’t see my parents as often as I’d like to.

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Upon arrival, their documents are often seized, as a result of which they are completely at the mercy of crime syndicates.
Low-budget productions in the tradition of the film d'auteur often cannot be made without the aid of national support funds and frequently appeal to a limited audience of young intellectuals.
Very often what is required to keep the peace or to prevent a crisis is not just doing things generously but doing them quickly and generously.
There is no way out for victims and the very nature of the environment in which they work often reduces them to despair and drug addiction.
But, however it has occurred, the damage to animal life and the environment is equally disastrous and, very often, it of course cuts across national borders.
In spite of all the efforts even simply to make these often stateless vessels comply with the protective and conservation measures, fishing continues to proceed unabated.
All these provisions, however, still fall short of what is necessary in the way of consumer information, and too often the determination to reach a compromise has prevailed.
The delays in the adaptation of national legislation may well be due to the expense and tedium involved, as well as the fact that the process is often unproductive.
The report itself is well-intentioned but, as so often when we deal with these issues, lacks clarity of purpose and a sound basis for operability.
Over recent years, these basic principles have often been neglected in animal husbandry and in epidemiological matters because of shoddy practice or greed.