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packetnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpæk.ɪt/ us /ˈpæk.ɪt/

packet noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

US UK sachet a small closed container made of paper or plastic, containing a small amount of something, usually enough for only one occasion:

a packet of sugar

UK an object that is wrapped in paper, etc., for example so that it can be sent by post:

It will be cheaper to send it as a small packet.

US several documents provided as a set, giving information about something:

Our bookkeeping training packet includes everything you need to get started.

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packet noun [ C ] (COMPUTERS)

specialized computing a unit of data that is sent over a computer network

packet noun [ C ] (BODY PART)

UK offensive also package a man's sex organs

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packetnoun [ C ]

us /ˈpæk·ɪt/

a small package or envelope, or a collection of things in it:

a packet of stamps

A packet is also a piece of information that is exchanged between computers or over the Internet:

The device converts speech into digital packets that scatter and reassemble at their destination.

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"packet" in Business English

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packetnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpækɪt/ us

UK COMMERCE a small paper or cardboard container used to hold goods, or the contents of the container:

an empty cigarette packet
He ate a whole packet of biscuits.

US COMMERCE a very small container for holding a small amount of a liquid, sugar, etc.:

a packet of ketchup

US also mailer, UK also postal packet COMMUNICATIONS a special envelope or container for sending things that can easily break, have an unusual shape, or are very small:

In general, cigarettes, alcohol, and aerosols must not be included in postal packets .

US UK pack a collection of documents that have been put together as a set:

An information packet is available for customers on request.

IT a collection of data that has been put together as a set:

The X .25 interface breaks the datagrams up into 128-byte packets.
All data sent over the internet goes in data packets.
cost/pay/make a packet UK informal

to cost, pay, or earn a lot of money:

The advertising campaign must have cost them a packet.
He dropped out of university but now he's making a packet in banking.

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