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patiencenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈpeɪ.ʃəns/ us /ˈpeɪ.ʃəns/

patience noun [ U ] (QUALITY)

B2 the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed:

You have to have such a lot of patience when you're dealing with kids.
In the end I lost my patience and shouted at her.
He's a good teacher, but he doesn't have much patience with the slower pupils.
Making small-scale models takes/requires a great deal of patience.
Their youngest son was beginning to try my patience (= annoy me).
Patience - they'll be here soon!

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patiencenoun [ U ]

us /ˈpeɪ·ʃəns/

the ability to accept delay, suffering, or annoyance without complaining or becoming angry:

He’s a man of great patience.
Her constant complaining was beginning to test/try my patience.
adjective us /ˈpeɪ·ʃənt/

Just be patient – dinner’s almost ready.
adverb us /ˈpeɪ·ʃənt·li/

He waited patiently for his name to be called.

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They must continue the processes which they have been going through and show patience whilst they are going through the negotiations.
Thank you for your patience.
At the same time, however, we are aware that the implementation of this objective will require sustained, long-term efforts and patience.
Patience is not necessarily a virtue.
They therefore asked for understanding and patience.
Despite the fact that matters may be rather chaotic to begin with, something extremely good will emerge if we only have patience.
We will certainly need energy and patience.
Of course, such diplomacy sometimes needs patience.
I congratulate the rapporteur on his patience.
I hope we all find the energy and patience we need during this period to meet each other halfway and bring these discussions to a satisfactory conclusion.