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uk /pɪk/ us /pɪk/

pick verb (CHOOSE)

B1 [ T ] to take some things and leave others:

Pick a card from the pack.
One of my sisters has been picked for the Olympic team.
[ + obj + to infinitive ] She was picked to play for the team.
The police asked him if he could pick (out) the killer from a series of photos.
The fairest way to decide the winner is to pick a name out of a hat/at random (= without looking or choosing).
They picked their way (= carefully chose a route) down the broken steps.
He's brilliant at picking winners (= choosing what will be successful).
pick and choose often disapproving

to take some things but not others:

The richest universities can pick and choose which students they take.

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pick verb (REMOVE)

B1 [ I or T ] to remove separate things or small pieces from something, especially with the fingers:

I picked a piece of fluff off my shiny black suit.
The child continued picking (at) a sore on his leg (= trying to remove parts of it with his fingers).
[ + obj + adj ] The carcass had been picked clean (= all the flesh had been removed) by other animals and birds.
disapproving He kept picking his nose (= removing mucus from it with his finger).

B1 [ T ] When you pick flowers or fruit, you take them off a plant or tree:

They were picking strawberries for twelve hours a day.
I picked some roses this morning.
Machines pick the fruit (from/off the trees).

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uk /pɪk/ us /pɪk/


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pickverb [ T ]

us /pɪk/


us /pɪk/

pick noun (MUSIC TOOL)

[ C ] a thin piece of plastic or metal used to pull at the strings of a guitar

pick noun (DIGGING TOOL)

[ C ] a pickax, or a sharp, pointed tool:

They worked with a pick and shovel.

pick noun (THING TO CHOOSE)

[ C/U ] a choice, or something that is chosen:

[ U ] Mick gets first pick of where to sit.
[ C ] Here are my picks for the ten best restaurants.

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pickverb [ T ]

uk /pɪk/ us

COMMERCE to choose items that have been ordered by a customer:

He picked goods into pallets for the delivery.
Your groceries will be carefully picked, packed, and delivered to your door.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to choose particular shares in which to invest:

If you pick stocks thoughtfully and hold them patiently, your gains should be considerable.

PRODUCTION to remove fruit, cotton, etc. from a tree or plant when it is ready:

Immigrants do much of the menial labor in town, picking fruit, cleaning hotel rooms, and sweeping the sidewalk.

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Phrasal verb(s)

picknoun [ C ]

uk /pɪk/ us

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET particular shares that you choose to invest in:

His stock picks rose 112% last year. What's his secret?

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