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"pipe" in British English

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pipenoun [ C ]

uk /paɪp/ us /paɪp/

pipe noun [ C ] (TUBE)

B1 a tube inside which liquid or gas flows from one place to another:

a water/gas/sewer pipe

More examples

  • Water was leaking from the pipe.
  • The leakage was traced to an oil pipe in the cellar.
  • The pipe burst, sending out a shower of water.
  • Our pipes froze (up) several times last winter.
  • Engineers acted quickly to repair the damaged pipes.

pipe noun [ C ] (SYMBOL)

the | symbol on a computer keyboard


uk /paɪp/ us /paɪp/

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"pipe" in American English

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pipenoun [ C ]

us /pɑɪp/

pipe noun [ C ] (TUBE)

a tube through which liquids or gases can flow:

You have to remember to shut off the water in winter or the pipes will freeze and burst.

pipe noun [ C ] (DEVICE FOR SMOKING)

a short, narrow tube with a small bowl at one end, used for smoking esp. tobacco

pipe noun [ C ] (MUSICAL INSTRUMENT)

a musical instrument consisting of a short, narrow tube that is played by blowing through it

Pipes are also the metal or wood tubes in an organ (= musical instrument played by pressing keys) that produce sound.

verb [ T always + adv/prep ] us /pɑɪp/

Hot water is piped to all the apartments from the boiler.

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