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uk /ˈpleɪs.mənt/ us /ˈpleɪs.mənt/

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"placement" in American English

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us /ˈpleɪs·mənt/

placement noun (POSITION)

the act of placing something in a particular position, or the position of something:

The placement of the furniture makes it hard to walk around.

placement noun (RANK)

the rank someone or something has when compared to others:

A bunch of new freshmen (= students in the first year of a program of study) are taking the university's math placement exam.

placement noun (JOB/SCHOOL/HOME)

the act of placing someone in a particular job, organization, school, or place where they can live:

There are students for whom this school is not the best possible placement.

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"placement" in Business English

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uk /ˈpleɪsmənt/ us

[ C or U ] also placing STOCK MARKET, FINANCE an occasion when a company's shares become available to buy, or the activity of doing this:

The company is raising £33m through the placement of new shares at 150p each to fund its European expansion.
Sun Hung Kai Properties raised 4.04 billion Hong Kong dollars in a share placement last week.

[ C ] UK also job placement, US also practicum HR a temporary job that someone does in an organization, usually to get some work experience:

He got a two-week placement in the accounts department.

[ U ] a service for finding a suitable job for someone, especially a temporary job for a student or unemployed person:

In a slow economy, placement of unpaid interns is often easier.

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