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"plague" in British English

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plagueverb [ T ]

uk /pleɪɡ/ us /pleɪɡ/

plaguenoun [ C or U ]

uk /pleɪɡ/ us /pleɪɡ/

C2 also the plague, the Plague bubonic plague , or any serious disease that kills many people:

Millions died of (the) plague.
a plague of sth

a large number of things that are unpleasant or likely to cause damage:

a plague of insects
humorous A plague of journalists descended on the town.

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"plague" in American English

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plagueverb [ T ]

us /pleɪɡ/

plague verb [ T ] (CAUSE DIFFICULTY)

to cause someone or something difficulty or suffering, esp. repeatedly or continually:

Financial problems have been plaguing the company.
That pain in my shoulder is plaguing me again.

plaguenoun [ C/U ]

us /pleɪɡ/

plague noun [ C/U ] (DISEASE)

a serious disease which kills many people

The plague world history

The plague refers to a disease that appeared several times in the 14th century and later and that killed more than one third of the people in Europe and many people in Africa and Asia; Black Death.

A plague is also a large number of insects or animals which cause damage or unpleasant conditions in an area:

[ C ] Trees throughout the Northeast are being attacked by a plague of gypsy moths.

(Definition of “plague” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)