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Meaning of “plan” in the English Dictionary

"plan" in British English

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uk   us   /plæn/

plan noun (DECISION)

A2 [C] a set of ​decisions about how to do something in the ​future: a company's ​business plan a ​negotiatedpeace plan a five-year plan holiday plans What are ​your plans for this ​weekend? [+ to infinitive] My plan is tosell the ​house and ​buy an ​apartment. [C] a ​type of ​arrangement for ​financial investment: a ​pension/​savings plango according to plan to ​happen in the way you ​intend: Events of this ​typerarely go ​according to plan.
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plan noun (DRAWING)

B2 [C] a ​drawing of a ​building, ​town, ​area, ​vehicle, ​machine, etc. that only ​showsitsshape from above, ​itssize, and the ​position of ​importantdetails: a ​street plan (= a ​type of ​map of a ​townshowing the ​roads) a ​seating plan (= a ​drawing that ​shows where each ​person will ​sit)plans [plural] B2 drawings from which something is made or ​built: The ​architectshowed us the ​house plans that she had drawn up. I'll ​send a set of plans for the new ​machine.
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uk   us   /plæn/ (-nn-)

plan verb (DECIDE)

B1 [I + adv/prep, T] to ​think about and ​decide what you are going to do or how you are going to do something: She ​helped them to plan ​theirroute. If we plan ​carefully, we should be ​able to ​stay within ​ourbudget. [+ question word] She's already planning how to ​spend her ​prizemoney.A2 [I or T] to ​intend to do something or that an ​event or ​result should ​happen: Our ​meeting wasn't planned - it was ​completelyaccidental. [+ to infinitive] I'm not planning tostay here much ​longer. [+ adv/prep] We only planned for six ​guests, but then someone ​brought a ​friend.
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plan verb (DESIGN)

[T] to ​design a ​building or ​structure: The ​people who planned these new ​towns had a ​vision of ​cleanmodernhousing for everyone.
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"plan" in American English

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 us   /plæn/

plan noun (METHOD)

[C/U] a ​method for doing or ​achieving something, usually ​involving a ​series of ​actions or ​stages, or something you have ​arranged to do: [C] The ​financial plan ​calls for ​growth of 5% next ​year. [C] They had plans to have ​dinner at a ​localrestaurant. [C/U] A plan is also an ​arrangement for ​investment: [C] a ​pension/​savings plan [C/U] If something goes ​according to plan, it ​happens the way you ​wanted it to: [U] Producing a new ​movierarely goes ​exactlyaccording to plan.

plan noun (MAP)

[C] a ​drawing that ​shows the ​shape, ​size, and ​position of ​importantdetails of a ​building or other ​structure, or of ​objects within it: The ​floor plan ​showed us ​exactly where everyone’s ​office would be.


 us   /plæn/ (-nn-)

plan verb (METHOD)

[I/T] to ​think about and ​decide on a ​method for doing or ​achieving something: [+ to infinitive] She’s planning to ​visit her ​sister in Australia next ​year. [I always + adv/prep] He planned on taking his ​vacation in ​July. [I always + adv/prep] You’ve got to plan ​ahead and ​saveyourmoney for ​yourretirement.
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"plan" in Business English

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plannoun [C]

uk   us   /plæn/
[C] a set of ​actions that are intended to ​achieve a ​specificaim: a plan/plans to do sth The ​government has ​launched a $935m plan to ​createjobs.a plan/plans for sth Plans for a ​sharebuyback are expected to be ​unveiled later this week.have plans/no plans to do sth A ​representative of the ​bank said it had no plans to make further ​cuts in its ​bonusrates.under a plan A further 2,500 ​jobcuts are planned for this ​year under a plan to ​save €1.3bn in ​costs.a strategic/financial/marketing plan Operations that do not ​fit the firm's ​overallstrategic plan are ​currently being ​sold off. a restructuring/​spending/​recovery plan an ambitious/controversial plan immediate/​long-term/future plans a three-phase/five-point/ten-year planhave/come up with/draw up a plan You will need to have a plan to ​coverstart-upexpenses while you ​grow your ​business.announce/unveil/reveal a plan The ​telecommunicationsgiant yesterday announced a ​restructuring plan.outline/formulate/finalize a plan Over the next few months, the ​board will ​finalize its plans for ​meeting the 2020 ​mandate on ​carbon dioxide ​emissions.abandon/shelve/scrap a plan Plans to ​expand into Spain and Portugal were ​shelved during the ​recession last ​year.keep to/stick to/follow a plan By ​sticking to our ​original plan, we ​finally made a ​success of the ​business.approve/back/support a plan Ministers ​meeting in Brussels ​approved a plan to refinance the ​project.agree/adopt/implement a plan Get your ​team around the ​table and ​agree a plan of ​action to give more ​attention to detail. oppose/​reject a plan go ​ahead/​pressahead/​proceed with a plana plan involves/includes sth A new €30 million ​investment plan announced Friday ​includes the ​construction of new ​plants.a plan fails/succeeds Plans to reassure ​investorsfailed and ​sharesslipped 3%.
an ​idea about what you may do in the future: What are your plans after you ​graduate from college?a plan/plans for sth You need to sit down and ​think about your plans for ​'s plan is to do sth Their plan is to ​cutincometax for the ​lowerpaid.
FINANCE a ​financialarrangement in which someone ​regularlysaves or ​investsmoney: a retirement/​investment/​savings plan
a detailed ​drawing or ​diagram of a ​machine or ​building that ​shows the different ​parts, ​rooms, etc., ​including their ​size and ​shape: A ​team of ​architects drew up plans for the new ​officebuilding.
a ​drawing of a ​room or other ​area that ​shows the ​position or ​arrangement of things inside it: a floor/seating plan


uk   us   /plæn/ (-nn-)
[I or T] to ​think about the details of something that will ​happen in the future: plan a project/mission/campaign They ​spent several months planning the ​project.go ahead/happen as planned If all goes ​ahead as planned, the new ​superstore will ​open in November.earlier/longer/less, etc. than planned Installing the new ​computersystem has taken far ​longer than planned.
[I or T] to intend to do a particular thing in the future: We're planning a ​change to our ​pricingstructure. A ​number of large ​residentialdevelopments are planned for the ​area.plan to do sth In February of this ​year, the ​companyfiled for ​bankruptcy, and it plans to ​auction its ​assets in late May.plan (on) doing sth She plans on ​working as a ​freelanceconsultant once she has ​left her ​current role.
[I] to ​think about and make ​arrangements for things that will ​happen in the future: Job insecurity makes it difficult for ​people to plan. plan ahead The new ​taxguide tells you how to plan ​ahead to ​keep any ​taxbills to a ​minimum.plan for sth Airport ​bosses are planning for an ​extension of the ​currentterminal.
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