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"plane" in British English

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planenoun [ C ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

plane noun [ C ] (AIRCRAFT)

A1 UK also aeroplane, US also airplane a vehicle designed for air travel, with wings and one or more engines:

We'll be boarding the plane in about 20 minutes.
He hates travelling by plane.
a plane ticket

More examples

  • We arrived at the airport just in time to catch the plane.
  • As the plane touched the ground, there was a massive jolt and we were thrown forwards.
  • She looked up as a plane roared overhead.
  • The plane climbed quickly to a height of 30 000 feet.
  • The plane circled for an hour before receiving permission to land.

planeverb [ T ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

planeadjective [ before noun ]

uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/ specialized

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"plane" in American English

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planenoun [ C ]

us /pleɪn/

plane noun [ C ] (AIRCRAFT)

also airplane a vehicle that is designed for air travel and that has wings and one or more engines:

Shelley’s plane is due in at 10, but it’s a half-hour late.

plane noun [ C ] (SURFACE)

geometry a flat surface that continues in all directions

plane noun [ C ] (LEVEL)

a level or standard:

Once we got a new financial manager, our business meetings were conducted on a much higher plane.

plane noun [ C ] (TOOL)

a tool with a blade in a flat surface that is rubbed against wood to cut away rough parts and make it smooth

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"plane" in Business English

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planenoun [ C ]

uk /pleɪn/ us

an aircraft with wings and one or more engines:

a plane for/to/from sth I'll get the next plane to London.
on/in a plane He's on a plane at the moment, on his way to Chicago.
a plane leaves/takes off/lands The plane leaves in 45 minutes.
miss/catch/get a plane If you don't hurry, you'll miss your plane.
get on/board a plane

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