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uk /ˈplæt.fɔːm/ us /ˈplæt.fɔːrm/

platform noun (STRUCTURE)

A2 [ C ] a long, flat raised structure at a railway station, where people get on and off trains:

The next train for Aberdeen will depart from platform 9.

[ C ] the raised part of the floor in a large room, from which you make a speech or give a musical performance:

Speaker after speaker mounted/took the platform to denounce the policy.
This brilliant young violinist has appeared on concert platforms all round the world.
the platform UK

the people who are up on a platform in order to speak to an audience:

An elderly lady stood up and said she had a question for the platform.
The platform party (= the group on the platform) applauded loudly.

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platform noun (COMPUTING)

[ C ] the type of computer system or smartphone you are using, in relation to the type of software (= computer programs) you can use on it:

This new personal banking software can be used with any Windows platform.
Both Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile platforms now have emoji keyboards built into their software.

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platformnoun [ C ]

us /ˈplætˌfɔrm/

a flat, raised area or structure:

We waited on the platform for the train to arrive from Boston.

Politicians’ or political parties’ platforms are the things they say they believe in and that they will achieve if they are elected:

He campaigned on a platform of reducing taxes and cutting the costs of government.

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platformnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈplætfɔːm/ us

IT a particular computer technology that can be used with some types of software programs but not with others:

Companies are creating standard platforms to collect and process massive amounts of data.
a computer/technology/software platform CIM systems are the technology platform of this organization.

COMMUNICATIONS a method of communication or entertainment, for example television, radio, or the internet:

We are currently selling advertisements across several different platforms - web, internet phones, and multiple sections of the newspaper.

COMMUNICATIONS a particular technology that is used for broadcasting television or radio programmes:

The club has now set up its own television channel, aiming to launch a paid-for service on an existing broadcast platform before the year's end.

a set of actions or ideas that forms the basis for future development:

a platform for sth Every euro spent on marketing and market development will provide a platform for long-term growth and profits.
a strong/solid/sound platform The board believes that the group has a strong platform on which to grow.

POLITICS a set of ideas and plans that a politician or party promises to act on if elected:

on a platform He won a decisive victory on a platform of economic reform.

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