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Meaning of “plug” in the English Dictionary

"plug" in British English

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plugnoun [C]

uk   us   /plʌɡ/

plug noun [C] (ELECTRICAL)

B1 a ​smallplastic or ​rubberobject with two or three ​metalpins, ​attached to the end of a ​wire on a ​piece of ​electricalequipment and ​pushed into a ​specialopening in a ​wall to ​connect the ​equipment to a ​supply of ​electricity: a three-pin/two-pin plug to ​fit/​change a plug If a plug is ​wiredincorrectly, it can be ​dangerous. mainly UK informal an ​electric socket : Is there a plug in the ​bedroom that I can use for my ​hairdryer? US (UK jack plug) a ​metalpin at the end of a ​longwirejoined to a ​piece of ​electricalequipment and used to ​connect it to another ​piece of ​electricalequipment informal for spark plug
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plug noun [C] (FOR HOLE)

B1 a ​smallpiece of ​rubber, ​plastic, ​wood, etc. that ​fits into a ​hole in ​order to ​close it
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B1 a round ​piece of ​rubber or ​plastic that ​fits into the ​hole in a ​sink or a ​bath: a ​bath plug Put the plug in the ​sink and ​run some ​water. a ​smallpiece of ​plastic or ​wood that you put into a ​hole in a ​wall before putting a screw into it a ​smallpiece of ​material such as cotton wool , ​twisted or ​pressedtightly so it is ​firm

plug noun [C] (ADVERTISEMENT)

the ​act of ​tellingpeoplepublicly about a ​product, ​event, etc.: She never ​misses an ​opportunity to get in a plug for her new ​film.

plugverb [T]

uk   us   /plʌɡ/ (-gg-)

plug verb [T] (ADVERTISE)

to ​advertise something by ​talking about it a lot or ​praising it, ​especially on the ​radio or ​television: That ​interview was just a way for him to plug his new ​book. They're plugging this new ​chocolatebareverywhere at the ​moment.

plug verb [T] (SHOOT)

US slang to ​shoot someone with a ​gun: Sure, ​boss, we plugged the ​guy (​full of ​lead).

plug verb [T] (FILL HOLE)

to ​fill a ​hole with a ​piece of ​suitablematerial: Have you plugged that ​leak (= ​stopped it by ​filling the ​hole) in the ​pipe? My ​nose was ​bleeding and I plugged it withcottonwool.
(Definition of plug from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"plug" in American English

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plugnoun [C]

 us   /plʌɡ/


a ​smallplastic or ​rubberdevice with ​metalpins that ​connects the end of a ​wire on a ​piece of ​electricalequipment to a ​supply of ​electricity A plug is also a spark plug

plug noun [C] (HOLE BLOCK)

a ​smallpiece of esp. ​rubber or ​plastic that ​fits into a ​hole in ​order to ​block it: I was ​trying to ​fill the ​bathtub, but Matthew ​keptpulling out the plug.

plug noun [C] (ADVERTISE)

an ​advertisement for something by someone ​talking about it or ​praising it, esp. on ​television or ​radio: He took the ​opportunity to put in a plug for his new ​book.


 us   /plʌɡ/ (-gg-)

plug verb (ADVERTISE)

[T] to ​advertise something by ​talking about it or ​praising it, esp. on ​television or ​radio


[I/T] to ​attachelectricalequipment to a ​supply of ​electricity with a plug : [M] All you have to do is plug in the ​computer. [T] I’d like to plug the ​stereo into that ​outlet. [I] These ​systems plug into TV sets and ​rungames.

plug verb (HOLE BLOCK)

[T] to ​preventwater or other ​liquid from coming through a ​hole by ​covering the ​hole: Workers ​finished plugging the ​hole in the ​dam.
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(Definition of plug from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"plug" in Business English

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plugnoun [C]

uk   us   /plʌɡ/
informal MARKETING a way of ​advertising a ​product, ​event, etc. by ​talking about it or praising it, especially on radio or ​television: put in a plug for sth He put in a plug for the company's Casino Night ​fundraiser.give a plug to sth I'd like to give a little plug to a movie that we have that's coming out pretty soon.
pull the plug (on sth) to ​bring a ​businessproject, ​plan, etc. to an end, especially by taking away ​financialsupport: We ​lost all the ​shares when the company's ​bankerspulled the plug in February 2011. Plans to ​sell its ​propertydivisioncollapsed yesterday after the ​privateequitygrouppulled the plug on a $50m ​managementbuyout.

plugverb [T]

uk   us   /plʌɡ/ (-gg-)
informal MARKETING to ​advertise a ​product, ​event, etc. by ​talking about it or praising it, especially on radio or ​television: During the ​interview she took the ​opportunity to plug her new ​book.
to ​provide something that is needed, because there is not enough: plug a deficit/gap/hole None of these ​measures are going to plug the ​gap caused by ​fallingsales and ​dismalglobalmarkets.
(Definition of plug from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“plug” in Business English

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