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"pop" in British English

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uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/

pop noun (MUSIC)

A2 [ U ] formal popular music modern popular music, usually with a strong beat, created with electrical or electronic equipment, and easy to listen to and remember:

pop music
a pop concert/song
What do you want to listen to - jazz, classical, or pop?
The song reached No. 32 in the pop charts.
She wants to be a pop singer/star like Lady Gaga.

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uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/ -pp-

pop verb (GO)

B2 [ I + adv/prep ] mainly UK informal to go to a particular place:

I've just got to pop into the bank to get some money.
Paula popped out for a minute.
Would you pop upstairs and see if Grandad is okay?
Why don't you pop in/over and see us this afternoon?

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pop verb (PUT)

[ T + adv/prep ] informal to put or take something quickly:

If you pop the pizza in the oven now, it'll be ready in 15 minutes.
He popped his head into the room/around the door and said "Lunchtime!"
Pop your shoes on and let's go.
pop pills informal

popadjective [ before noun ]

uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/


uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/

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"pop" in American English

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us /pɑp/ -pp-

pop verb (SOUND)

[ I/T ] to make a short little explosive sound, often by bursting something, or to cause this to happen:

[ T ] The kids were popping all the birthday balloons.

pop verb (MOVE)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to move or appear quickly, suddenly, or when not expected:

McEnroe hits it and the ball pops over his shoulder.
There are lots of good young players popping up these days.

popadjective [ not gradable ]

us /pɑp/

pop adjective [ not gradable ] (POPULAR)

of or for the general public:

pop art
pop culture
pop music


us /pɑp/

pop noun (FATHER)

[ C ] infml a father:

Hey Pop, can I borrow the car?

pop noun (DRINK)

[ C/U ] regional US dated soda pop a soft drink

abbreviation forpopulation (= the number of people living in a place):

Devil’s Lake, N.D. (pop. 7442)

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"POP" in Business English

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COMMERCE, MARKETING abbreviation for point of purchase

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