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uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/

pop noun (MUSIC)

A2 [ U ] formal popular music modern popular music, usually with a strong beat, created with electrical or electronic equipment, and easy to listen to and remember:

pop music
a pop concert/song
What do you want to listen to - jazz, classical, or pop?
The song reached No. 32 in the pop charts.
She wants to be a pop singer/star like Lady Gaga.

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pop noun (FATHER)

mainly US informal a father:

[ as form of address ] Hey Pop, can I do anything to help?


[ C usually singular ] US informal each particular occasion or object in a series:

She gives lectures and gets paid $5,000 a pop.

pop noun (COLOUR)

informal something such as a colour that looks very bright and noticeable next to something else:

Last season was all about small pops of colour: a turquoise shoe, an emerald bag, or a slash of scarlet lipstick.



uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/ -pp-

pop verb (GO)

B2 [ I + adv/prep ] mainly UK informal to go to a particular place:

I've just got to pop into the bank to get some money.
Paula popped out for a minute.
Would you pop upstairs and see if Grandad is okay?
Why don't you pop in/over and see us this afternoon?

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pop verb (SOUND)

C2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) make a short explosive sound, often by breaking something:

The kids were popping all the birthday balloons.
The music played and champagne corks popped.

[ I ] If your ears pop, you experience a strange noise and feeling in your ears as a result of a sudden change in air pressure:

My ears always pop as the plane comes in to land.

pop verb (PUT)

[ T + adv/prep ] informal to put or take something quickly:

If you pop the pizza in the oven now, it'll be ready in 15 minutes.
He popped his head into the room/around the door and said "Lunchtime!"
Pop your shoes on and let's go.
pop pills informal

pop verb (BE NOTICEABLE)

informal to be very noticeable and bright, especially when seen next to something of a different colour:

Splashes of yellow, blue, pink, and orange pop against a black background.

popadjective [ before noun ]

uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/


uk /pɒp/ us /pɑːp/

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us /pɑp/ -pp-

pop verb (SOUND)

[ I/T ] to make a short little explosive sound, often by bursting something, or to cause this to happen:

[ T ] The kids were popping all the birthday balloons.

pop verb (MOVE)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to move or appear quickly, suddenly, or when not expected:

McEnroe hits it and the ball pops over his shoulder.
There are lots of good young players popping up these days.

popadjective [ not gradable ]

us /pɑp/

pop adjective [ not gradable ] (POPULAR)

of or for the general public:

pop art
pop culture
pop music


us /pɑp/

pop noun (FATHER)

[ C ] infml a father:

Hey Pop, can I borrow the car?

pop noun (DRINK)

[ C/U ] regional US dated soda pop a soft drink

abbreviation for population (= the number of people living in a place):

Devil’s Lake, N.D. (pop. 7442)

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COMMERCE, MARKETING abbreviation for point of purchase

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