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portfolionoun [ C ]

uk /ˌpɔːtˈfəʊ.li.əʊ/ us /ˌpɔːrtˈfoʊ.li.oʊ/ plural portfolios

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portfolionoun [ C ]

us /pɔrtˈfoʊ·liˌoʊ, poʊrt-/ plural portfolios

portfolio noun [ C ] (CONTAINER)

art A portfolio is also a collection of drawings, designs, or other papers that represent a person’s work.

portfolio noun [ C ] (INVESTMENTS)

a collection of investments that are owned by a particular person or organization:

a stock portfolio

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portfolionoun [ C ]

uk /ˌpɔːtˈfəʊliəʊ/ us plural portfolios

FINANCE a collection of different investments that are owned by a particular person or organization:

an investment portfolio
a property portfolio
have/hold a portfolio These funds are less risky because you hold a portfolio selected and monitored by a specialist manager.
build (up) a portfolio You could build up a portfolio including UK funds.
a balanced/diversified portfolio It's a diversified portfolio, which will lower the risk.
a global/international portfolio These funds are impossible to ignore if you want a broad international portfolio.
a bond/stock/share portfolio These shares should amount to no more than 10 or 20% of a stock portfolio.

COMMERCE, FINANCE the range of products or services that a company offers, or the businesses that someone owns:

Customer reaction to our product portfolio has been extremely positive.
The hotel group's brand portfolio includes about 15 complementary brands, from luxury to budget hotels.
strong/broad portfolio We will continue to have a strong portfolio of businesses with an annual turnover of approximately £1.65bn.
build up/expand a portfolio He and associates want to build up a portfolio of money-making websites.

GOVERNMENT the particular job or area of responsibility that a member of a government has :

One of the most significant changes is in the trade portfolio.

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By including only one transaction for which delay is permitted in a portfolio trade, a delay for the whole portfolio would be obtained.
I want to firmly emphasise that this portfolio should cover the production and sale of agricultural alcohol and not of synthetic alcohol.
I have proposed here in my report that the next document to be included in this portfolio should be a certificate of computer competence.
The full implications of the current situation on our portfolio and on the development of our business cannot yet be clearly seen.
We have seen, in effect, that even with massive propaganda, neither sarcasm, nor threats, nor portfolio policy have succeeded in stopping the protests.
Whether his abilities, which were not up to coping with energy issues, will be adequate for the tax portfolio remains to be seen.
I would once again like to express my admiration for the way that you are managing the portfolio with which you have been entrusted.
Allowing supplementary pension scheme managers the freedom to invest in a diverse range of instruments increases the security of the overall investment portfolio.
There was an element of additionality which was therefore the main thrust of the assistance, albeit under the general umbrella of development cooperation rather than under the fisheries portfolio.
I can say, for me personally and for my portfolio, that in this expression, the 'social' is more important than the 'market'.