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Meaning of “positive” in the English Dictionary

"positive" in British English

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uk   /ˈpɒz.ə.tɪv/  us   /ˈpɑː.zə.t̬ɪv/

positive adjective (HOPEFUL)

B1 full of ​hope and ​confidence, or giving ​cause for ​hope and ​confidence: a positive ​attitude On a more positive ​note, we're ​seeingsigns that the ​housingmarket is ​picking up. The past ten ​years have ​seen some very positive ​developments in East-West ​relations. There was a very positive ​response to ​our new ​design - ​peopleseemed very ​pleased with it.
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positive adjective (CERTAIN)

B2 certain and without any ​doubt: [+ (that)] Are you positive (that) you ​saw me ​switch the ​iron off? "Are you ​sure it's ​okay for me to use ​your mother's ​car?" "Positive." "It was him - I ​saw him take it." "Are you positive about that?"

positive adjective (TEST RESULTS)

C2 (of a ​medicaltest) ​showing that a ​person has the ​disease or ​condition for which they are being ​tested: a positive ​pregnancytest He's ​HIV positive. She tested positive forhepatitis.

positive adjective (COMPLETE)

[before noun] (used to ​addforce to an ​expression) ​complete: Far from being a ​nuisance, she was a positive ​joy to have around.

positive adjective (ABOVE ZERO)

(of a ​number or ​amount) more than zero: Two is a positive ​number.

positive adjective (ELECTRICITY)

being the ​type of ​electricalcharge that is ​carried by protons

positive adjective (BLOOD TYPE)

having the rhesus factor in the ​blood: My ​bloodtype is O positive.
noun [U] uk   us   /-nəs/
(Definition of positive from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"positive" in American English

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 us   /ˈpɑz·ə·t̬ɪv/

positive adjective (CERTAIN)

without any ​doubt; ​certain: I’m ​absolutely positive that he’s the man I ​saw.

positive adjective (HAPPY)

happy or ​hopeful, or giving ​cause for ​happiness or ​hope: It’s ​important to have a positive ​attitude when you have a ​seriousillness.

positive adjective (MEDICAL TEST)

[not gradable] (of a ​medicaltest) ​showing that the ​disease or ​condition for which the ​person is being tested does ​exist: Her TB ​test was positive.

positive adjective (COMPLETE)

[not gradable] (used to ​addforce to an ​expression) ​complete: She was a positive ​joy to have around.

positive adjective (MORE THAN ZERO)

algebra [not gradable] (of a ​number or ​amount) more than zero: Two is a positive ​number.

positive adjective (ELECTRICITY)

physics [not gradable] of the ​type of ​electrical charge that a proton has
(Definition of positive from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"positive" in Business English

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uk   us   /ˈpɒzətɪv/
good or useful: Net ​exports were making a ​strong positive ​contribution to western ​Europeaneconomicgrowth.a positive development/move In ​general, this is a positive ​development for ​consumers because it ​increasesconvenience and ​choice.a positive aspect/effect/impact These ​measures should have positive ​effects on ​exports and ​employment.a positive outcome/result Such ​methods do ​achieve positive ​results when ​certainkeyconditions are in ​place.
expressingagreement or ​support: positive feedback/a positive response The ​response to the ​marketingcampaign has been extremely positive.
relating to a ​number or an ​amount that is more than zero: a positive balance The ​currentaccount has also ​posted positive ​balances and this ​trend will continue.
hopeful and confident about a ​situation: a positive ​approach/​assessment/​attituderemain positive about/on sth The ​company remains positive on the ​outlook for high-yield ​bonds this ​year. On a more positive ​note, we're seeing ​signs that the ​housingmarket is ​picking up.positive news for/on sth positive ​news on ​trading/for ​sterling
used to describe ​strongaction that is taken to ​achieve something: Positive ​action has been taken to ​change the ​image of the ​company.a positive step toward sth/doing sth Some Wall Street ​analysts described the ​management shakeup as a positive ​step toward ​restoring the company's credibility.
react/respond positively to sth Financial ​marketsreacted positively to the ​news.

positivenoun [C or S]

uk   us   /ˈpɒzətɪv/
a good aspect, ​situation, etc.: Higher ​short-termrates that ​slowinflation are a positive, not a ​negative, for ​bonds. a lot of/a ​number of/many positives As an ​employer you should emphasize the positive to your ​employees continually.
(Definition of positive from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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