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us /præɡˈmæt̬·ɪk/

based on practical judgments rather than principles:

He made a pragmatic decision to settle the lawsuit because in the end it would cost more to try it in court.

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The second principle that must underlie our approach is to strengthen the foundation of practical and pragmatic police and intelligence work.
Again, it would be an enormous amount of work, but we are already reflecting on how we can approach it in the most pragmatic and flexible way.
Such a coherent single approach seems the pragmatic option when more and more countries are requiring the transfer of passenger data.
I am not calling the general objective into question; but if our action is to be effective, it must be pragmatic, like the action we took on air quality.
We support it for many of the reasons which the previous speaker mentioned, including in terms of the science and pragmatic facts of this debate.
We are very pleased that the principle is kept in the proposal, but it has been adapted in a pragmatic way.
Apart from the purely pragmatic argument that if you ban something then people want to do it, there are strong human rights arguments as to why banning is unacceptable.
I too wish to be pragmatic.
Such action is essentially pragmatic.
In doing so, we should be pragmatic.