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privatizeverb [ T ]

UK usually privatise uk /ˈpraɪ.və.taɪz/ us /ˈpraɪ.və.taɪz/
noun [ U ] UK usually privatisation uk /ˌpraɪ.və.taɪˈzeɪ.ʃən/ us /ˌpraɪ.və.t̬əˈzeɪ.ʃən/


The last few years have seen the privatization of many industries previously owned by the state.

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privatizeverb [ T ]

us /ˈprɑɪ·vəˌtɑɪz/

privatize verb [ T ] (MAKE INDEPENDENT)

social studies (of an industry, company, or service) to change from being owned by a government to being owned and controlled independently

noun [ U ] us /ˌprɑɪ·vət̬·əˈzeɪ·ʃən/

the privatization of the British steel industry

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privatizeverb [ I or T ]

UK also privatise uk /ˈpraɪvɪtaɪz/ us

ECONOMICS, GOVERNMENT if the government privatizes companies and organizations that it owns, it sells them to private investors:

The conglomerate calls itself the world's largest water company and has been a pioneer in the trend toward privatizing government water services.


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