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uk /prəˈdʌk.ʃən/ us /prəˈdʌk.ʃən/

production noun (MAKING)

B2 [ U ] the process of making or growing goods to be sold:

Coke is used in the production of steel.
We watched a video showing the various stages in the production of glass.
The company's new model will be going into production early next year.

B2 [ U ] the amount of something that is made or grown by a country or a company:

Swedish industrial production has fallen steadily this year.
Wheat production has risen over the years.

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production noun (OF FILM/MUSIC)

B2 [ C or U ] the activity of organizing the practical and financial matters relating to the preparation of a film, play, or television or radio programme:

She's hoping to get into television production.
Disney's latest production (= film) looks likely to be its most successful ever.

[ C ] a particular series of performances of a theatre entertainment such as a play or opera:

They're doing a new production of Macbeth at the National Theatre.

[ U ] the preparation and general quality of a musical recording's sound, showing the way in which the music was recorded rather than the quality of the singing and the music:

George Martin did the production on the Beatles records.

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us /prəˈdʌk·ʃən/

production noun (ENTERTAINMENT)

[ C/U ] a movie, television program, play, or other entertainment, or the work of organizing the practical matters involved in a show:

[ C ] a terrific production of "The Wizard of Oz"
[ U ] She’s hoping to get into television production.

production noun (PROCESS)

biology [ U ] (of living things) the process of making a natural substance, such as a hormone

production noun (THING MADE)

[ U ] the process of making or growing goods to be sold, or the amount of goods made or grown:

mass production
Agricultural production has increased dramatically this year.

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"production" in Business English

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productionnoun [ U ]

uk /prəˈdʌkʃən/ us PRODUCTION

the process of producing commodities (= oil, metals, crops, etc.) or manufacturing goods to be sold:

production costs/processes/targets Many businesses have moved their manufacturing operations to Asia to lower their production costs.
a decline/fall/increase in production Opec is expected to agree to an increase in production.
energy/food/oil production
go into/out of production

to start/stop making a product:

The popular model is scheduled to go out of production by the end of the year.

also Production the department in a company that makes goods:

The launch date has been announced so it is vital that Production deliver on time.

the amount of goods or products that are made or grown by a company or country:

UK wheat production is forecast to be 700,000 tonnes higher than last year.
cut/expand/increase production

the activity of organizing the practical and financial details of a film, television programme, etc.:

The production company that owns the format has made huge profits from its adoption by networks around the world.

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