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"prop" in British English

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propverb [ T + adv/prep ]

uk /prɒp/ us /prɑːp/ -pp-

to support something physically, often by leaning it against something else or putting something under it:

I propped my bike (up) against the wall.
She was sitting at the desk with her chin propped on her hands.
This window keeps on closing - I'll have to prop it open with something.

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /prɒp/ us /prɑːp/

prop noun (SUPPORT)

[ C ] an object that is used to support something by holding it up:

I need some sort of a prop to keep the clothes line up.
figurative A lot of people use cigarettes as a sort of social prop (= to make them feel more confident).

also prop forward a player in a rugby team who is large and strong, and who supports the scrum

prop noun (RESPECT)

props [ plural ] mainly US informal

respect for someone:

I have to give her her props for being such a great athlete.

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"prop" in American English

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propverb [ T ]

us /prɑp/ -pp-

prop verb [ T ] (SUPPORT)

to support something by putting something else under or against it:

She propped the door open with a footstool.
He was reading in bed, propped up by pillows.

fig. To prop up something/prop something up is to support something that would fail or become weaker without such help:

[ M ] The US joined with other nations in a coordinated effort yesterday to prop up the value of the dollar.


us /prɑp/

prop noun (THEATER/MOVIES)

[ C usually pl ] an object that is used on a theater stage or in a movie:

The only props used in the show are a table, a chair, and a glass of water.

prop noun (SUPPORT)

[ C ] an object used to support something or hold it in position

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"prop." in Business English

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prop.noun [ C ]

uk us

abbreviation for proprietor

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