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uk   /prəˈpɔː.ʃən/  us   /-ˈpɔːr-/

proportion noun (AMOUNT)

C1 [C, + sing/pl verb] the ​number or ​amount of a ​group or ​part of something when ​compared to the ​whole: Children make up a ​large proportion of the world's ​population. A ​higher proportion of men are ​willing to ​sharehouseholdresponsibilities than used to be the ​case. The ​reportshows that ​poorfamiliesspend a ​larger proportion oftheirincome on ​food.C2 [S or U] the ​number, ​amount, or ​level of one thing when ​compared to another: The proportion of women to men at my ​college was about five to one. The ​chartshows how ​weightincreases in proportion toheight (= the ​increase in ​weightdepends on the ​increase in ​height). The ​level of ​crime in an ​area is ​almost always in ​direct proportion to the ​number of ​unemployed.
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proportion noun (SIZE)

C2 [C or U] the ​correct or most ​attractiverelationship between the ​size of different ​parts of the same thing or between one thing and another: Your ​legs are very much in proportion to (= the ​rightsize for) the ​rest of ​yourbody. His ​feetseem very ​small in proportion to his ​body. My ​head was much ​nearer the ​camera than the ​rest of me so I'm all out of proportion.proportions [plural] the ​size, ​shape, or ​level of something: a ​building of ​elegant proportions I'm not very good at ​drawingpeople - I can never get the proportions ​right.humorous She's a woman of ​generous proportions (= she is ​fat). A ​smallworry in the back of ​yourmind can for no ​apparentreason assume/take onmassive proportions in the ​middle of the ​night.

proportion noun (IMPORTANCE)

[U] used in a ​number of ​phrases to ​meanimportance and ​seriousness: You have to ​keep a sense of proportion (= the ​ability to ​understand what is ​important and what is not). I ​think a ​certainamount of ​worry about ​work is very ​natural, but you've got got to keep it in proportion (= ​judgecorrectlyitsseriousness).
(Definition of proportion from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"proportion" in American English

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proportionnoun [C/U]

 us   /prəˈpɔr·ʃən/
a ​part or ​share of the ​whole, or the ​relationship between one thing and another in ​size, ​amount, or ​degree: [C] The proportion of the ​population that is over 65 has been ​growing. [pl] The ​occurrence of the ​disease has ​reachedepidemic proportions. Proportion is also the ​rightrelationship between one thing and another: [U] His ​anger was out of all proportion to the ​offense (= was much too ​strong). art Proportion is also the ​correctrelationship of the ​parts of a ​work of ​art to each other, ​especially in ​theirsize. mathematics A proportion is also a equation (= ​mathematicalstatement) that ​shows two ratios (= ​comparisons) are ​equal.
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"proportion" in Business English

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uk   us   /prəˈpɔːʃən/
[C] the ​number or ​amount of ​part of something when compared to the whole: boost/increase the proportion of sth He ​pledged to ​boost the group's proportion of ​homesales from 5% to a proportion of sth Last ​year, ​publicspending as a proportion of ​GDPsank to its ​lowest since the mid-1960s. It will take a few ​years before one will be able to observe equal proportions of men and women in ​salesmanagement. a high/large/significant proportion alow/​small proportion
[S or U] the ​number, ​amount, or ​level of one thing when compared to another: the proportion of sth to sth The proportion of ​internationalsales to ​netsales will continue to affect the company's ​operatingresults. Existing ​shareholders are ​allowed to ​buy new ​shares in proportion to their ​holdings.
in direct proportion to sth used to say that two things are ​connected, so that an ​increase in one is directly ​related to an ​increase in the other: The ​level of ​crime in an ​area is almost always in ​direct proportion to the ​number of ​unemployed.
proportions [plural] the ​size, ​shape, or ​level of something: A ​fund that ​grows to ​massive proportions must ​adapt its ​investmentstrategy. The ​pensions underfunding problem is ​reaching crisis proportions.
(Definition of proportion from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
Translations of “proportion”
in Korean 비율, 균형…
in Arabic نِسْبة…
in Malaysian bahagian, jumlah…
in French proportion, pourcentage…
in Russian часть, доля…
in Chinese (Traditional) 數量, 部分, 份額…
in Italian parte, percentuale…
in Turkish oran, nispet, miktar…
in Polish proporcja…
in Spanish proporción…
in Vietnamese phần, tỉ lệ…
in Portuguese parte, porcentagem…
in Thai ส่วน, อัตราส่วน…
in German der Teil, das Verhältnis…
in Catalan proporció, percentatge…
in Japanese 割合, 比率…
in Chinese (Simplified) 数量, 部分, 份额…
in Indonesian bagian, perbandingan…
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“proportion” in American English

“proportion” in Business English

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