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uk /pjʊər/ us /pjʊr/

pure adjective (NOT MIXED)

B1 not mixed with anything else:

a pure cotton shirt
a pure Arab horse

A pure colour is not mixed with any other colour:

a swan's pure white plumage

A pure sound is clear and perfect:

the pure vocal tones of the choirboy

B1 clean and free from harmful substances:

The mountain air was wonderfully pure.
Tap water is never chemically pure.

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pure adjective (COMPLETE)

B2 [ before noun ] complete; only:

It was pure coincidence/chance that we met.
This last month has been pure hell.
Her face had a look of pure delight.

[ before noun ] used to refer to an area of study that is studied only for the purpose of developing theories about it, not for the purpose of using those theories in a practical way:

pure economics
pure and simple

used after a noun to mean "and nothing else":

He is motivated by greed, pure and simple.

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pure adjective (MORALLY GOOD)

behaving in a way that is morally good, especially in things related to sex:

I'm trying to think only pure thoughts.
He invited me up to his flat for coffee, but I didn't think that his motives were entirely pure.
In many cultures, it is considered important for a woman to keep herself pure (= not to have sex) until she marries.

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"pure" in American English

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us /pjʊr/

pure adjective (NOT MIXED)

[ -er/-est only ] not mixed with anything else:

The scarf is pure silk.
It was a moment of pure joy.
The mountain air was fresh and pure (= not polluted).

pure adjective (MORALLY GOOD)

[ -er/-est only ] morally good, or relating to someone’s inner character:

His motives were pure, but his approach was tactless.

pure adjective (COMPLETE)

[ not gradable ] complete; only:

Getting the job was pure luck.
noun [ U ] us /ˈpjʊr·ət̬·i/

the quality or state of not being mixed with anything else:

The purity of the city’s water is checked regularly at its reservoirs.
noun [ U ] us /ˈpjʊr·ɪ·t̬i/

the quality of having good morals and a good character:

purity of heart

(Definition of “pure” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)