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us uk /ˈkwes.tʃən/

question noun (ASKING)

A1 [ C ] a sentence or phrase used to find out information:

The police asked me questions all day.
Why won't you answer my question?
"So where is the missing money?" "That's a good question." (= I don't know the answer.)
There will be a question-and-answer session (= a period when people can ask questions) at the end of the talk.

A2 [ C ] in an exam, a problem that tests a person's knowledge or ability:

Answer/Do as many questions as you can.

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question noun (PROBLEM)

B2 [ C ] any matter that needs to be dealt with or considered:

This raises the question of teacher pay.
What are your views on the climate change question?

B2 [ U ] doubt or confusion:

There's no question about (= it is certain) whose fault it is.
Whether children are reading fewer books is open to question (= there is some doubt about it).
Her loyalty is beyond question (= there is no doubt about it).
There's no question that he's guilty.
sb/sth in question C2 formal

the person or thing that is being discussed:

I stayed at home on the night in question.

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questionverb [ T ]

us uk /ˈkwes.tʃən/

B2 to ask a person about something, especially officially:

Several men were questioned by police yesterday about the burglary.
68 percent of those questioned in the poll thought noise levels had increased.

B2 to express doubts about the value or truth of something:

I questioned the wisdom of taking so many pills.
[ + question word ] Results from a study questioned whether treatment with the drug really improved survival.
She gave me a questioning look (= as if she wanted an answer from me).

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us /ˈkwes·tʃən/

question noun (SOMETHING ASKED)

[ C ] a word or words used to find out information:

May I ask you a personal question?
Our help line will answer your questions about patient care.

question noun (PROBLEM)

[ C/U ] a matter to be dealt with or discussed, or a problem to be solved:

[ C ] Your article raises the question of human rights.
[ C ] It’s simply a question of getting your priorities straight.
[ C ] The question is, are they telling the truth?
[ U ] I was at home on the night in question.

[ C/U ] In an exam, a question is a problem that tests a person’s knowledge:

[ C ] Answer as many questions as you can.

question noun (DOUBT)

[ U ] doubt or uncertainty:

He’s competent – there’s no question about that.
Her loyalty is beyond question.

questionverb [ T ]

us /ˈkwes·tʃən/

question verb [ T ] (ASK)

to use a word or words to find out information:

Mom’s always questioning me about my friends.
The police questioned several men about the burglary.

If you question something, you express doubt or uncertainty about it:

[ + question word ] The book questions whether people today are better off than their parents were.

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"question" in Business English

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uk /ˈkwestʃən/ us

[ C ] a sentence or phrase that asks for information:

ask (sb) a question Can I ask a question, Gail?
answer a question Not one assistant correctly answered all the questions they were asked.
have a question Does anybody have any questions?

[ C ] a subject or problem:

We return to the question of whether pay for performance really motivates employees.
One very difficult question is how to charge market prices for energy.

[ C, U ] a feeling of doubt about something:

There is some question as to what is the best strategy.
The ethics of some of his business deals are open to question.
raise questions about sth His evidence raised questions about the credibility of a key eyewitness.
bring/call sth into question

to express doubt about something:

If somebody calls something into question, then let's stop and review it.

to make people feel doubt about something:

The chief executive's popularity has sunk to levels that bring his legitimacy into question.
in question

that is being discussed:

For shareholders of the company in question the idea of a takeover must be appealing.

if something is in question, no-one knows what is going to happen to it:

The automaker's future remains in question.
out of the question

if something is out of the question, it definitely will not or cannot happen:

A pay rise is out of the question.

questionverb [ T ]

uk /ˈkwestʃən/ us

to ask someone questions about something:

He does not know why authorities decided to question him.
question sb about/on sth Employers are not legally allowed to question job candidates about their plans to have children.

to express doubts about something:

Increasingly, the return on huge software investments made to improve efficiency was being questioned.

(Definition of “question” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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