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R, rnoun

uk /ɑːr/ us /ɑːr/ plural Rs, R's or r's

R, r noun (RIVER)

written abbreviation for river , used in writing before or after the name of a river:

R Thames

R, r noun (DIRECTION)

written abbreviation for right noun

R, r noun (ROYAL PERSON)

abbreviation for Rex (= king) or Regina (= queen), used after the name of a king or queen:

Elizabeth R

R, radjective

uk /ɑːr/ us /ɑːr/

R, r adjective (ROYAL)

written abbreviation for royal adjective , used in the names of organizations in the UK:

He's an RAF (= Royal Air Force) officer.
RSPH, the Royal Society for Public Health

R, r adjective (FILM)

[ C or U ] US abbreviation for restricted : used to refer to a film that people under 17 years of age can see only if a parent or guardian is with them

R, radverb

uk /ɑːr/ us /ɑːr/

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