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uk /ræk/ us /ræk/

rack noun (FRAME)

[ C ] a frame or shelf, often formed of bars, that is used to hold things:

a vegetable rack
a plate rack
a luggage rack

[ C ] US UK frame a wooden or plastic triangle used to arrange the balls at the start of a game of billiards, pool, snooker, etc.

the rack

in the past, a device to which people were tied that stretched their bodies by pulling their arms in one direction and their legs in the other direction, usually used as a way of forcing them to give information

rack noun (MACHINE)

[ C ] a bar with tooth-like parts along one edge that fits into a pinion (= a wheel with tooth-like parts) allowing change between circular and straight-line movement


rackverb [ T often passive ]

uk /ræk/ us /ræk/

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racknoun [ C ]

us /ræk/

rack noun [ C ] (FRAME)

a frame, often with bars or hooks, for holding or hanging things:

a bike rack
a towel rack

rackverb [ T ]

us /ræk/

rack verb [ T ] (CAUSE PAIN)

to cause someone great physical or mental pain:

Even near the end, when cancer racked his body, he remained hopeful.


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