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"raise" in British English

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raiseverb [ T ]

uk /reɪz/ us /reɪz/

raise verb [ T ] (LIFT)

B1 to lift something to a higher position:

Would all those in favour please raise their hands?
He raised the window and leaned out.
Mary Quant was the first fashion designer to raise hemlines.

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raise verb [ T ] (INCREASE)

B1 to cause something to increase or become bigger, better, higher, etc.:

The government plan to raise taxes.
I had to raise my voice (= speak more loudly) to make myself heard over the noise.
The inspector said that standards at the school had to be raised.
Our little chat has raised my spirits (= made me feel happier).

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raise verb [ T ] (EXIST)

B2 to cause to exist:

Her answers raised doubts/fears/suspicions in my mind.
This discussion has raised many important issues/problems.
The announcement raised a cheer/laugh.
I want to raise (= talk about) two problems/questions with you.
I want to start my own business if I can raise (= obtain) the money/cash/capital/funds.
formal The chapel was raised (= built) as a memorial to her son.

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raise verb [ T ] (DEVELOP)

B2 to take care of a person, or an animal or plant, until they are completely grown:

Her parents died when she was a baby and she was raised by her grandparents.
The lambs had to be raised by hand (= fed milk by people) when their mother died.
The farmer raises (= breeds) chickens and pigs.
The soil around here isn't good enough for raising (= growing) crops.

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raisenoun [ C ]

uk /reɪz/ us /reɪz/ US UK rise

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"raise" in American English

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raiseverb [ T ]

us /reɪz/

raise verb [ T ] (LIFT)

to cause something to be lifted up or become higher:

He raised the window shades.
Stephie raised her hand to ask the teacher a question.

raise verb [ T ] (BECOME BIGGER)

to cause something to become bigger or stronger; increase:

I had to raise my voice to be heard over the noise in the classroom.
There are no plans to raise taxes, the president said.
I don’t want to raise your hopes too much, but I think the worst of the flooding is over.

raise verb [ T ] (DEVELOP)

to take care of children or young animals until completely grown:

They raised a family and now want to enjoy their retirement.

raise verb [ T ] (BRING ABOUT)

to bring something to your attention; cause to be noticed:

This raises a number of important issues.

To raise money is to succeed in getting it:

I want to start my own business if I can raise enough money.


raisenoun [ C ]

us /reɪz/


an increase in the amount money you earn:

She asked her boss for a raise.

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"raise" in Business English

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raiseverb [ T ]

uk /reɪz/ us

to increase the amount, level, or quality of something:

The Bank of England was expected to raise the cost of borrowing after higher than expected inflation figures.
raise salaries/prices/taxes There is increasing pressure on exporters to raise prices in foreign markets.
raise awareness/standards/quality The new government is pledging to raise standards in education.

FINANCE to manage to get money to invest in a business, project, property, etc.:

raise capital/funds/money We will raise funds for reconstruction by disposing of assets.
The share issue in the coffee company aims to raise €5m from investors eager to invest in ethical concerns.
raise a loan/mortgage

to mention something that you are worried or not sure about so that it can be examined and dealt with:

raise concerns/doubts/fears The company announced a package of reforms to address concerns raised by shareholders.

ACCOUNTING to prepare an invoice:

The exporter raises an invoice in the usual way on the overseas buyer.

COMMUNICATIONS to make or arrange a phone call, especially to discuss technical help, business, etc.:

If you have a technical fault, you can raise a call using the in-house system.

raisenoun [ C ]

uk /reɪz/ us US UK rise

HR an increase in salary or wages:

A 2% raise for each employee would add $28 million to the overall budget.

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