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ramverb [ I or T ]

uk /ræm/ us /ræm/ -mm-

ramnoun [ C ]

uk /ræm/ us /ræm/

ram noun [ C ] (EQUIPMENT)

also battering ram a piece of equipment used to hit something and force it open or break it:

They used a ram to break down the door.

a moving part in a machine that puts pressure or force on something

RAMnoun [ U ]

uk /ræm/ us /ræm/ specialized

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"ram" in American English

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ramverb [ I/T ]

us /ræm/ -mm-

ram verb [ I/T ] (PUSH)

to hit or push with force:

[ I/T ] Someone rammed (into) my car in the parking lot.
[ T ] fig. The governor tried to ram the budget through in the last days of the legislative session.

ramnoun [ C ]

us /ræm/

ram noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

RAMnoun [ U ]

us /ræm/

RAM noun [ U ] (COMPUTER)

abbreviation for random-access memory (= a type of computer memory that can be searched in any order and changed as necessary)

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"RAM" in Business English

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RAMnoun [ U ]

uk /ræm/ us

IT abbreviation for random access memory: a type of computer memory that stores data that can be searched by programs. The speed of searches, as well as the number of searches that can be made at the same time, increases with the size of the RAM:

Increasing a PC's RAM is one of the most popular hardware enhancements people undertake.
At this price, the model includes 512MB of RAM.

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