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uk /riˈæk.ʃən/ us /riˈæk.ʃən/

reaction noun (BEHAVIOUR)

B2 [ C ] behaviour, a feeling or an action that is a direct result of something else:

I love to watch people's reactions when I say who I am.
There has been an immediate/widespread/hostile reaction against the government's proposed tax increases.
Reactions to the proposal so far have been adverse/favourable/mixed.
reactions [ plural ]

someone's ability to act quickly when something happens:

You need to have quick reactions to play these computer games.

[ C usually singular ] a type of behaviour or opinion that is produced or held with the intention of being different from something else:

Her left-wing views are a reaction against the conservatism of her parents.

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reactionnoun [ C ]

us /riˈæk·ʃən/

behavior, a feeling, or an action that is a direct result of something else:

My initial reaction was to call off the party.
Senator, what is your reaction to the proposal to cut Medicare benefits?

A reaction is also a change that opposes a previous opinion or behavior:

His art is a reaction against photographic realism.

biology A reaction can also be an unpleasant effect on the body resulting from something eaten or taken, such as a drug.

chemistry A chemical reaction is the change that happens when two or more substances are mixed with each other.

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reactionnoun [ C or U ]

uk /riˈækʃən/ us

the way that something happens, or that someone does something, as a result of something else:

reaction to sth We've seen little market reaction to the latest inflation figures.
reaction against sth There was an immediate reaction against the proposed tax increases.

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