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uk /ˈred.i/ us /ˈred.i/

ready adjective (PREPARED)

A1 prepared and suitable for fast activity:

[ + to infinitive ] Are you ready to leave?
Are you ready to order, Madam?
Okay, Evie, ready when you are (= I am ready to do what we have arranged).
Dinner's ready!
Are you ready? Hurry up - we're late.
We're leaving at eight o'clock, so you've got half an hour to get ready.
The army are said to be ready for action.
The concert hall was made/got ready (= prepared) for the performance.
ready and waiting

waiting and prepared to act:

Secret information allowed the police to be ready and waiting when the robbers came out of the bank.

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uk /ˈred.i/ us /ˈred.i/

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readyadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈred·i/

ready adjective [ not gradable ] (PREPARED)

prepared and suitable for action or use:

Dinner is ready.
The twins are getting ready for bed.
[ + to infinitive ] I’m ready to go now.
[ + to infinitive ] "Are you ready to order?" the waiter asked.

ready adjective [ not gradable ] (WILLING)


My friends are always ready to help me out.

ready adjective [ not gradable ] (QUICK)

quick, esp. in answering or in thinking of what to say:

He had a ready reply to every question.

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"ready" in Business English

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readyadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈredi/ us

available to be used at any time:

a ready source/supply
ready cash/money informal

money that is available to be spent immediately:

A demand by the court to pay the tax claim immediately would destroy the firm because it does not have enough ready cash.

(Definition of “ready” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)