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"rear" in British English

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rearadjective [ before noun ]

uk /rɪər/ us /rɪr/

B2 at the back of something:

There's a sticker on the rear door/window.
The horse had injured one of its rear legs.
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  • She cast a quick look in the rear mirror.
  • Always check your rear view mirror before you overtake another car.
  • A car usually has a driver's seat, a passenger seat and rear seats.
  • Both front and rear gardens are spacious.
  • One of the rear wheels came off.


uk /rɪər/ us /rɪr/
the rear

C1 the back part of something:

We walked round to the rear of the house.
Two police motorcyclists brought up the rear (= formed the last part) of the demonstration.

[ C ] old-fashioned informal also rear end a person's bottom


uk /rɪər/ us /rɪr/

rear verb (CARE FOR)

C1 [ T ] to care for young animals or children until they are able to care for themselves:

Some women make a deliberate choice to rear a child alone.
He describes how these birds rear their young.
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  • She's reared four children very successfully.
  • He grew up in Hoboken, where Sinatra was reared.
  • He took me to the North Georgia mountains where he was reared.
  • Most pigs reared for meat are killed around 18-20 years old.
  • The animals are reared for breeding purposes rather than the dinner table.

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"rear" in American English

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rearadjective [ not gradable ]

us /rɪər/

rear adjective [ not gradable ] (AT THE BACK)

at or near the back of something:

I had the rear brakes on the car redone.
She entered the school through an unlocked rear door.
Our dog hurt his rear left leg.


us /rɪr/

rear verb (CARE FOR)

[ T ] to care for young children or animals until they are able to care for themselves:

She reared eight children.

rear verb (RISE)

[ I/T ] to rise up or to lift up:

[ I ] The horse suddenly reared (up) on its hind legs.

rearnoun [ C/U ]

us /rɪr/

rear noun [ C/U ] (AT THE BACK)

infml Your buttocks are sometimes called your rear.

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